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Once relatively unheard of in the US, the popularity of hummus has risen to astronomic new heights within the condiment hierarchy. Now rivaling longtime champions ketchup and salsa for top honors, it’s more noteworthy when you can’t find this beloved dip at any establishment selling food. No where is the craze made clearer than in the mainstream marketplace, where even corner store bodegas are likely to carry at least one or two brands. For that matter, there’s a good chance you can even scrounge up a package of the creamy chickpea puree at your local drug store, right alongside the emergency rations of plain saltine crackers and white bread. It’s impossible to escape, as if anyone would ever want to, but such an overwhelming abundance of options does make it challenging to weed out the winners and losers in the field.

Hope Hummus sets itself apart from the pack by blending up unique yet approachable flavors that offer a delicious departure from the average bean dip. Sure, there’s still the austere plain and garlic options for the traditionalist, providing a solid standby for the pickiest palates, but greater gustatory adventures await the more intrepid eater. Heat things up with Thai Coconut Curry or Sriracha hummus, or explore new territory entirely with sweet Dark Chocolate hummus.

Though I can’t claim to have experienced the full range of inventive combinations, it’s only a matter of time before I can hunt them down, since my initial experiences have proven so gratifying. Picking favorites is never easy, but I need to give a special shout out to the Kale Pesto hummus, which combines everyone’s favorite leafy green superfood with basil pesto, lending vibrant, fresh flavor to this coarse blend. Primed for any party platter, it also strikes me as a promising candidate for enlivening creamy pasta sauce or topping a bowlful of piping hot tomato soup. Speaking of hot, Spicy Avocado hummus lights a smoldering savory flavor with piquant jalapeno peppers, tempered by creamy avocado. Though not nearly a five-alarm fire, it certainly boasted a well-defined spice that would appease any heat seekers in the crowd.

In this booming category, surprisingly few variations can be found on the classic staple, despite increasing demands. Hope Hummus is one company clearly thinking outside the plastic tub while always emphasizing high quality, organic ingredients. For a quick fix snack, consider branching out and trying their fresh twists on hummus next time.

9 thoughts on “Spread Hope

  1. I love hummus and I love dark chocolate, but never the twain shall meet in my mouth! However, some of these others sound good and my husband, love of all things Sriracha would probably love that one. He and I are miles apart on our ability to handle heat, so “spicy” is always an adventure.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Hannah.


  2. The chocolate is actually AMAZING. It doesn’t taste like hummus at all, it tastes like chocolate dip. I use with with apples and pretzels. Don’t be shy to try it sustainabilitea! :)

  3. I’m not surprised hummus is so universally available — it’s so easy to make and nearly everyone seems to enjoy it. The variations you mention sound good (except maybe chocolate!) and I’ve tried many variations over the years. I have to admit though, even after enjoying roasted red pepper hummus and kalamata olive hummus, I still like plain old hummus best.

  4. Love love love hummus… It’s so easy and delicious and flavorful and healthy for midday snacking. Thanks for sharing this. Now I totally want to try Thai Coconut Curry hummus. YUM! (not entirely sold on the dark chocolate hummus, but maybe that’s just me).

    :) Thanks for stopping by so I could find your delightful corner of the web!

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