Ravishing Radishes

Pungent, peppery little orbs hidden beneath crowns of unruly leafy greens, the humble radish is all too often overlooked both in the garden and on the plate. Offering so much more than just fodder for antiquated garnishing techniques, these root vegetables were once so prized by the ancient Greeks that gold replicas would be crafted in their form. Though considerably less valuable but far more delicious, the plain old red radish deserves just as much reverence today.

Best when picked small and eaten moments after brushing away the soil that they grew in, nothing is needed to dress up the bright, spicy flavor concealed within each tiny tuber. The average supermarket radish is sadly so far removed from it’s original glory that it’s no surprise few people share any amount of enthusiasm for this once prized vegetable. Decapitated in the field, denuded of their glorious greens, and shrink wrapped to preserve shelf life, I wouldn’t want to do much more than carve these tasteless marbles into silly sculptures either.

Even if you’ve turned up your nose at radishes in the past, I implore you to give them another chance- Fresh, full of flavor, and treated with respect.

Tossed simply with a bold dressing highlighting its not-so-distant relative, the horseradish, the complimentary flavors sparkle across this crisp salad. Utilizing the whole vegetable, greens and all, this raw preparation comes together very quickly, ready to start off any springtime meal on a high note.

Totally Rad Salad

1 Bunch (About 3/4 Pound) Red Radishes
2 – 3 Persian Cucumbers
1 – 2 Tablespoons Fresh Grated Horseradish
1 Tablespoons Red Wine Vinegar
1 1/2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon Fresh Dill Leaves, Fronds, and/or Blossoms
1 Scallion, Thinly Sliced
Salt and Pepper, to Taste

Trim off the spindly tips of the radishes and remove the greens. Rinse and reserve the leaves. Thinly slice both the radishes and cucumbers and place them in a large bowl. Combine all of the remaining ingredients in a separate dish, making sure to break up all of the horseradish so that it’s not ultimately clumped into one bite. Adjust seasonings to taste.

Pour the dressing over the sliced cucumbers and radishes, tossing thoroughly to evenly coat the vegetables. Arrange the reserved leafy greens on salad plates and top with the dressed veggies. Serve immediately.

Makes 2 – 4 Servings

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12 thoughts on “Ravishing Radishes

  1. Last year’s csa helped me appreciate radishes on a whole new level. For many weeks we received a nice bunch of radish with their greens intact. We loved using both the greens and radish. Your salad sounds so good! I’ll be sure to save it for this year’s csa!

  2. I would be tempted to throw in some avocado to this delectable mix. I think the creamy base would give the peppery bite of the radishes and the crisp sweet crunch of the cucumber a solid platform to perform on. Love the look of this recipe Ms Hannah. Simple but not what you would expect. It’s always a pleasure to dive naked into one of your gloriously avant garde recipes Ms Hannah. You always know that you are going to come out the other side delighted :)

    1. Now THAT would push this recipe over the top! There are few dishes that a little bit of avocado wouldn’t improve, honestly, but it seems like such a prime addition here that I’m disappointed I didn’t think of it in the first place. Guess I’ll need to revisit this one, ASAP.

      1. The creamy background to the crisp radish was what made me think of it. Put radish, avocado and cucumber on a lovely slice of wholegrain bread and sprinkle with pepper and salt and it’s heaven :)

  3. I’ve never been a big fan of radishes but I think it’s time to give them a second chance since your salad looks so colorful and delicious!
    My dad always bring a big bag of freshly picked radishes at home, he has a very beautiful urban harvest. :-)


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