Wordless Wednesday: I Like Big Buns and I Can Not Lie

Single Amy Burger from Amy’s Drive Through

No No Classic from No No Burger

VHS Sandwich from Analog

The Vegetarian Sandwich (Veganized) from Samovar

Veggie Burger from Super Duper Burger

Tofu Banh Mi from Duc Loi Supermarket

16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: I Like Big Buns and I Can Not Lie

  1. I have a question.
    My Girlfriend is a vegan; the problem is – she doesn’t like nuts, seeds, veggie patties, onion, capsicum.
    She’s also on vitamin supplements because her diet is nutritionally unbalanced (due to her dislikes of certain foods).
    So eating with her is always very bland, and beyond forcing her to try new cuisines (Before I met her she had never experienced the vegan side of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean or Thai foods), what dish would you recommend I introduce to her?
    I know it’s a somewhat subjective question, but any answer at all will help a lot!

    1. That is a tough set of preferences to work with! I might suggest trying various curries, since they’re packed full of flavor, and the exact ingredients can be varied based on what you would both enjoy most. Any vegetables work, and you can whip up a simple sauce from coconut milk and either curry paste or powder.

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