Southern Fried with All the Fixin’s

Southern food is not a subject I can speak about with any authority, but I’d like to believe that I make up for such an absence in knowledge with enthusiasm and curiosity. Though I can count the number of times I’ve eaten the cuisine on one hand, thanks to the dearth of vegan options in general, the comforting, straightforward flavors always resonate. Given the opportunity to explore this uncharted culinary territory with the sage wisdom of The Southern Vegetarian Cookbook, it was an edible adventure I couldn’t resist. Though the pages are still packed with recipes calling for eggs, cheese, and butter, there are enough solid ideas here to provide the inspiration for vegan adaptations. Take, for example, the infamous Chicken-Fried Portobello with Mushroom and Shallot Gravy, originally appearing on the authors’ blog years ago to great acclaim. It’s no surprise; between the crisp, lightweight breaded exterior and the inherent umami depth of the mushroom, such a deceptively simple preparation can do no wrong. Similarly, that gravy could just as easy coat a used dish sponge, and I would happily wolf the whole thing down, as long as I could use a spoon to catch every last drop.

Swap out the egg for ground flaxseeds mixed with water, and the cream for any unsweetened non-dairy milk, and you’ll be in business too. Paired with sauteed, smoky beet greens and lightly charred corn, it was the perfect summer dinner, complete with a comforting southern accent.

14 thoughts on “Southern Fried with All the Fixin’s

  1. I grew up in the south and have such a deep affinity for all things southern. While it’s been years since I’ve had most of my favorite foods, I still get a longing for deep fried anything once in a while. Add some hushpuppies and I will never leave the table! Going to try to recreate this, looks incredible!

  2. Isn’t it exciting to veganize Southern dishes? I’m also doing the same thing, veganizing Taiwanese dishes and I hope to share couple of recipes. The Chicken-Fried Portobello with Mushroom and Shallot Gravy looks amazing… I love Southern foods including mac n’ cheeze.

  3. That looks like something that would dazzle vegans and omnivores alike! And shallot gravy sounds like a recipe everyone needs.

  4. Delicious! I’ve never had a proper southern fried chicken meal (KFC is as close as you get over here!). Definitely trying the yummy additions soon. Love your photo! xx

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