Oat Couture

The unfathomable reality has fallen upon me; …I’m tired of chocolate.

It feels like everything I’ve been baking lately has been made of, dipped in, drizzled, or smothered with chocolate. Quite frankly, I’m just getting bored. So I set off, in search of a broader horizon, and then the request came in – something with peanut butter. An excellent challenge to undertake, since nut butters are wonderfully varried and contribute fantastic flavors and textures to baked goods in general, although chocolate and peanutbutter are such a natural go together… Clearly, it was going to be tough.

By now, I’ve basically figured out that you just can’t go wrong with the recipes on PPK, so I set my eye on their Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies.


I had everything set and ready to go – The blender was plugged in, the oven was preheating, and I was excited to try out something new. I was cutting open my package of tofu… When all of a sudden, it smelled as though I had just stuck my face in a public restroom urinal. Oh my god, what is that?! I sniffed frantically at the garbage, and then it hit me: It was the tofu. Crap! Does that mean I have no choice but to abandon ship?!

Never! I reached deep into the depth of my freezer and came out with… A banana! Perfect! Changing ingredients and faking my way through the instructions, I came up with my own version of the Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie.


I might finally be getting the hang of this ‘vegan baking’ thing! No textural issues to speak of, they have a very tasty peanut butter / banana flavor, and you can almost pretend that they’re good for you, too! Next time though, I may throw in a handful of raisins just for contrast, or if I came out of this rut… Maybe even some chocolate.

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