Pitter Patter of Little Feet

[Before launching into my latest rant, I just wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who replied to my frantic post the other day. You guys were such a great help, I was so bewildered and panicked, every time I thought about it I just felt sick to my stomach. After being vegan for a solid 2-3 years now, you would think you have the whole reading-every-single-label routine down by now, but this one managed to slide past me for far too long. Anyway, your suggestions all mean more than words to me, and I plan on searching for the VegLife Vegan One suppliment today if there's enough time. I'm hoping they'll have it at Wild Oats…? Anyway, once more, thank you SO much for all your support, I knew that if anyone out there could help me, it was my fellow veggies.]


How out of the loop am I! Only recently, I learned that a friend of mine was expecting some big changes to her household heirarchy in the form of an addition; A very small, and possibly demanding addition at that! She will soon become an aunt, as her sister is now almost 8 months pregnant! Although my dear friend isn't exactly thrilled about this news, I haven't heard anything so exciting in a long time. You know what a new baby means – Tons of tiny knit lovies to create!


Getting straight to work, I dove right into the One Hour Baby Booties in Stitch and Bitch Nation. I must say, the title doesn't lie – This was one of the fastest projects I've been able to whip up in quite some time! Instant gratification, huh? It makes me want to knit other sweet baby things, just because they're so cute and easy. I have no doubt that they will be appreciated by the mother, so who knows… If I can get my hands on some soft and inspiring baby yarn, there might be a sudden surge in the number of miniature finished objects…

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