Matzah Toffee

As I browsed the web, I quickly discovered that there was a definite shortage of vegan recipes that were suitable to serve on passover. Now, I’m not the expert on this because I’m not at ALL religious, but for passover, the rules says that you can’t have any wheat or leavened products for one week. It may come as no surprise, but I’ve decided that all things considered, it would be best for me to mostly… Ignore the tradition this year. I’m really only participating in the sedar at my house on Wednesday because of my family, not because of the beliefs behind it. Honestly, I might even consider myself Agnostic at this point. But anyways, I still love holidays for their special nuances and seasonal considerations. They simply add to the spice of life!

Still wishing to contribute to my family’s Passover dinner, I pulled out this little number from my mom’s recipe box in the kitchen. Surprisingly, no alterations were necissary, as the ingredients were already completely vegan. This is such a sweet, addictive treat, it barely takes any time to make, uses very few ingredients, and if you’re a little bit skeptical about the matzah, any type of cracker could be substituted – Maybe even some sort of flour or crushed graham cracker crust if you’re feeling adventurous!


Have a sweet holiday!

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  1. My children are allergic to dairy & eggs and we do a ton of vegan cooking… especially baking! This looks delicious for the holiday and I would love to make it, but I can not open or find the recipe on here. Can you email me the amazing Matzah Toffee recipe so I can make it for Passover? Thanks so much.

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