After all these years of trust, I don't know what I can count on any more.


To my shock and absolute horror, it occurred to me for no reason whatsoever to just check out the ingredients in my multivitamin.  What I found was worse than I could ever imagine.  I don't want to say exactly what has been contaminating my body, but I feel dirty and nauseous every time I think of it.  How can companies get away with this type of shit???

I'm so enraged, I need to move on.  So all of you out there who are vegan, I need your help desperately!  I now have no multivitamin, and at this point my health is still somewhat fragile and I need to find a new one as soon as possible.  What do you use, where do you buy it, and for how much?

Fuck corporate America, I don't want to hurt animals everytime I want to add some extra nutrients to my diet.  The whole idea is completely repulsive. 

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  1. Hello,
    Not sure if this counts as a “de lurking” since I think I might have commented before (or maybe not…) I have taken a few different kinds of multivitamins, none of them usually that cheap, which is why I don’t often take them every day. If your health is fragile, it seems completely justified to put the expense there. Anyway, sells a multivitamin that I have taken and been happy with. Their shipping is really fast, order today, you’ll likely have it by Tuesday. Since you have to pay shipping, you might want to shop for other things, too, but they have great stuff. There’s a whole food women’s vitamin made in Brattleboro, VT — the company escapes me but the vitamin itself was called “Every woman” (I remember this cause I would get that song “I’m every woman, it’s all in me” in my head when I would take them!) Hmm, do you have a health food store nearby you? I’ve taken others there when I couldn’t afford the “Every woman,” and the people there have helped me find ones without animal products, etc. Good luck!

  2. I use VegLife Vegan One and have been happy with it. You can see them at this site:, but I’ve never bought them through that site. The local natural foods store usually has them, and I’ve bought them at, but they don’t seem to have them at the moment.

    What I like about these vitamins is that you take one a day. So many other vegan vitamins require you to take 2, 3, or even 4 to get the full RDA; you buy them thinking that you’re getting a good deal until you realize that that bottle of 60 vitamins is only going to last you 20 days. These are a good value for the money.

    Good luck! I share your disgust at what goes into regular vitamins.

  3. This might not be too helpful, but I have a warning about a vitamin. I ordered some “Advanced Vegan” vitamins from and they made my throat do this weird swallowing thing — I felt like I needed to swallow all the time. I stopped taking them and never contacted the company (I should have). I don’t have any problems with their Cal/Mag tho.

    Good luck!!

  4. I alternate between two of the vitamins already suggested here – the vegan multi from Pangea and the vegan ones from VegLife although I usually take a few of the SpectraVeg instead of the Vegan One.

    Right now I’m taking the one from Pangea, which I think is really good – my nails are long and strong. It suggests 3 per day and I take 2 on top of a healthy diet. I don’t always remember every day but probably take them 4 times a week.

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