After all these years of trust, I don't know what I can count on any more.


To my shock and absolute horror, it occurred to me for no reason whatsoever to just check out the ingredients in my multivitamin.  What I found was worse than I could ever imagine.  I don't want to say exactly what has been contaminating my body, but I feel dirty and nauseous every time I think of it.  How can companies get away with this type of shit???

I'm so enraged, I need to move on.  So all of you out there who are vegan, I need your help desperately!  I now have no multivitamin, and at this point my health is still somewhat fragile and I need to find a new one as soon as possible.  What do you use, where do you buy it, and for how much?

Fuck corporate America, I don't want to hurt animals everytime I want to add some extra nutrients to my diet.  The whole idea is completely repulsive.