Family Favorites: Revisited

After that last batch of confusing cookie bars, I sought a recipe that I knew a little bit better to send off with my sister for her return to college. Those poor malnourished college kids… Judging by the way she comes home and cleans out our cabinets, you would swear they’re trying to force-feed her something inhumanly disgusting and unbearable… like brussel sprouts for every meal. That’s why I wanted to give her some reserve supplies before leaving, since no one deserves to eat brussel sprouts, not even the most hardened criminals. *shudders* …Anyway.

The very first recipe that I ever learned to make on my own as a child was my Great Grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe. Sadly, it of course contains animal products, and I’m honestly afraid to be let down by other, lesser versions, compromised by their noble quest to remain cruelty free. Not spending too much time to think it through, that’s when it occured to me – I could try to just replace the offensive ingredients [Ener-G egg replacer for the egg, margarine for the butter, etc] and follow it exactly for the rest, and atleast use this as a jumping off point if it didn’t work. (I’m sure you will see more revisions and multiple attempts in the future, so I sure hope you like chocolate chip cookies everyone!)


Tentitively sliding the pan out of the oven, I was overwhelmed with joy. They were perfect, just as I had remembered – soft, moist, and chewy, with the exact same flavor as when my mom had helped my operate the mixer when I was 5 years old. I bounced around in a sugar rush for a few minutes, thrilled that the first attempt had been so completely successful. …Or so I thought…


Sadly, after cooling off entirely, the cookies became much crunchier, crisper than I had aimed. I had come so close but still so far. Despite the texture though, they were still delicious. Maybe next time we’ll just have to eat the whole batch before it has time to cool. Hmm… I bet my family could handle that, too.

(Sorry, no recipe this time… Family secrets!)

2 thoughts on “Family Favorites: Revisited

  1. Here’s a virtual kick in the butt for that comment about brussel sprouts. Ummmm….Steamed in a thin layer of water with lemon juice with an X cute in the botton, until cooked but not overcooked (EWWWW!!) and then lovingly slathered with Earth Balance, salt and pepper. Heaven!

    Oh, and those cookies look amazing – soft or crunchy. I like ’em soft best so I’l probably eat the batch from the oven.

  2. Oh, my gosh. *shivers* If I were to have an extremely open mind and actually give these buggers one last shot… How long would be in the correct range of “cooked, but not over cooked?” And I assume this is the microwave, right?

    Ah, I’m scared but I hate being so ridgid and unwilling to try things, so… maybe…

    (And thanks for all of your responses lately, I love reading them!)

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