Icing on the Birthday Cake

Birthdays were so simple as a kid; you had a party, got cake, played with all your friends, and opened presents. What’s not to love? Fast forward a few years and those same joyous rituals began to feel trite. Maybe you were too “cool” for all the fuss or had more complicated relationships. As time wore on, getting older didn’t seem like a thing to celebrate at all, for the daily slog of adulthood and the aches to come with it. Birthdays transformed from the best day of the year to the absolute worst.

Here I am now, observing the 33rd anniversary of my creation, and I think I’ve entered into the next part of the cycle. Finally breaking through the gloom, I realize how lucky I am to have such a “problem” of getting older. Yes, it’s difficult and so much of it is a pain, literally and figuratively, but it sure beats the alternative. It’s a day that I can use to treat myself to all the things I love, for no particular reason. Why not take the excuse to indulge?

That’s why I’m throwing a little virtual party right here, right now, with all things cake and cake-inspired. If it’s got sprinkles and sweetness, I’m all about it, whether it’s a cookie, a candy, or something else entirely. Here are just a few of my favorite treats that are worthy of any celebration, no matter what stage of birthday appreciation you find yourself in.

Birthday Cake and Cake Batter Treats

When you're craving the flavor of cake but not necessarily a conventional slice, these are the sprinkle-covered treats that are guaranteed to taste like a celebration.

10 thoughts on “Icing on the Birthday Cake

  1. Happy 33rd birthday, Hannah! I was at the hospital with your mom the day you were born! What a special blessing you are!

    1. Haha, I didn’t actually know that! I can’t say I remember, but I’ll take your word. ;) Thank you!

  2. Happy Birthday and thanks for all the recipes over the years. Everyone still loves your mayo chocolate cake!

  3. Happy Birthday! I grew up in a family that didn’t celebrate much of anything and call myself lucky that I married someone who made me learn to love my birthdays, even though he hates his!!! Doesn’t make sense, but he hates the idea of aging, and still thinks of himself as 23. 😳 We’re 65! Anyway, you can’t stop it, so just embrace it!!!

    1. Absolutely, I do appreciate that perspective! As much as I hate getting older, it sure beats the alternative!

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