Wordless Wednesday: Stop Asian Hate, Eat Asian Food

Tuk Tuk Thai – Pad Kee Mao

Plow Bao – Crab Rangoons and Breakfast Bao Tacos

Het Say Vietnamese Kitchen – Tofu Bao and Salt & Pepper Tofu

B-Dama – Futomaki Sushi

Stop Asian Hate

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Stop Asian Hate, Eat Asian Food

  1. We love Asian food and when I go to southern California tomorrow, I’m planning a trip to Mitisuwa, a fantastic Japanese grocery store but with all sorts of Asian foods and supplies. I’m craving daifuku or anything else with red bean paste. :-)


    1. Mitsua is worth a trip from anywhere! I do miss it, too. Please buy an extra daifuku with me in mind! ;)

      1. I’ll do it happily. There was one in the Chicago area and I think every Japanese person within a five-state radius visited every weekend. 😉

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