Wordless Wednesday: I’ve Only Got Fries For You

Grandeur – Twisted Cheese Fries

Seabirds Kitchen – Nacho Fries

Dragon Gate Bar & Grille – Popcorn Veggie Chicken

Chicago Diner – Poutine

Yimm Thai – Fried Avocado

Amy’s Drive Thru – Chili Fries

Millennium – Coriander & Arborio Crusted Oyster Mushrooms

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: I’ve Only Got Fries For You

  1. Hannah this is awesome. When I read the headline…I died laughing. I absolutely love fries and the many ways I can have it. Will definitely look into these deliscious options. Thanks for posting😁😁

    1. I must admit, I usually go for a milkshake, but that is one fantastic pairing I need to try next time!

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