The Devil Eats Chocolate

“That’s very fattening.”

Dropping like a stone out of the clear blue sky, the unsolicited comment stopped me cold. I hadn’t even been aware of the man standing in front of my cart, blocking my slow procession down the aisle. An instinctual flicker of rage flashed before my eyes, as if I had been slapped and called out back for a fight. This? This innocent little chocolate bar I held in my hand, fattening? What had it ever done to deserve such a harsh insult, completely unprovoked?

I looked up quickly, startled by the intrusion. There was only one way to respond, as far as I could see.

Looking this odd stranger straight in the eye, I spoke clearly and calmly.


Immediately, the decision was made under that advice. Into the cart went the candy, tossed nonchalantly. That was all such a careless exclamation warranted.

Pulling the cart away from the shelf, away from this intruder, an incredulous grin began to spread across my face. What a laughable claim! What a strange thing to interject! Perhaps I should be grateful he’s so deeply concerned with my nutritional well-being. As if “fattening” was a terrible condition that could be contracted and spread like a disease, it was so kind of him to take a stand against the evils of all confectionery the world over, starting with my misinformed purchase.

Taking my plunder outside the store, there was only one way to dispose of such dangerous contraband. Quickly removing the wrapper to dissect the scored rectangles, it broke like the flimsy villain facade it hid behind, shattering into dark brown splinters that glittered inside the foil sheath. Vanquishing the beast, piece after piece succumbed to a sharp bite of the teeth, and a slow melt over the tongue.

May this beast inflict its fattening ways over society no more.

9 thoughts on “The Devil Eats Chocolate

  1. Haha yes!! I couldn’t love this more than I do. People are so weird, with the things they feel comfortable saying to others. And what an absurd thing to say! Was he trying to warn you? Was he upset that he couldn’t eat it because he’s avoiding ‘fattening’ things? So very odd.

    Maybe he’s a man scorned. Scorned by chocolate.

    1. I kept wondering why on earth he felt it so necessary to insert himself into my dietary decisions, but clearly, he just wanted to eat it himself and felt restricted for whatever reason. I think the real answer is that he needed a bar for himself! ;)

  2. Thank you for trying to save us, but I prefer to fight my own chocolate battles, preferably dark battles. :-) Hope you had a happy and fattening Valentine’s Day. :-)


  3. I have four different villains right now that I’m working on eliminating from the earth, one bite at a time :)

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