No Bones About It

Iconic as it is deeply flawed, the imagery of a dog gnawing away at a huge, meaty bone is one embedded in our cultural fabric, a remnant of misguided early training practices. Our tiny beasts are carnivores at heart, some argue, irresistibly drawn to the taste of meat, who love nothing more than savoring our scraps while getting a good dental workout at the same time. Without picking apart the umpteen faults in that shaky logic, the irrefutable truth is that bones are dangerous for dogs big and small, young and old. Brittle and easily snapped into pointed shards, those sharp pieces can result in choking, digestive blockages, cuts around the gums and throat, vomiting, and in the worst cases, yes, those symptoms can be compounded, and that innocent treat can become fatal.

Vegan or not, bones have no place on the menu for humans, so why should they suffice for our canine companions? Countless alternatives exist for safer, softer options, including those made from scraps of a different sort. Polishing off a few yards of leftover remnant yarn, this quick knit bone was a satisfying project for both human and animal participants.

A prodigious chewer with especially pointed little teeth, I thought for sure my monster baby would tear right through my handiwork in less time than it took to complete, but I’m happily surprised by its longevity thus far. Content to teethe rather than shred, Luka seems to savor this new toy with a sense of appreciation. It’s only a matter of time before the plush facsimile lies in ruin, no doubt, but that can easily be replaced; the pup himself most certainly cannot.

12 thoughts on “No Bones About It

  1. You know I have extra love for your stitched creations. I will have every single one and use those pot holders daily xx

    1. That truly makes my heart sing! I’m crafting much less often these days, so it’s particularly meaningful that you have such appreciation for those past creations. <3

  2. Wow Hannah, love your new puppy and your handywork.. :-D and long may he chew and long may your beautiful knitting keep in tact..
    Have a wonderful time playing. xx :-)

  3. Luka is truly photogenic! That sweet little naughty look in his eyes is just puppy perfect, you are so lucky to have each other. He is special.

  4. When I first saw the post title, I thought you had managed to visit another Seattle vegan restaurant—No Bones Beach Club— during your short visit! I was amazed and impressed, but no less so when I saw Luka and his new bone. Callie is less interested in toys than when she was a pup, but I’m still tempted to attempt to make her one. Luka has the most endearing face. I always want to scoop him up when I see his photo.

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