The Final Final

It’s a familiar, if vexing routine. Intense stress of a difficult semester becomes condensed into the span of a few days, complete with a mountain of busy work that will never serve any purpose in the real world. Study, lose sleep, slave away on essays, and ultimately jump over another hurdle. Pause for a few weeks and repeat, ad nauseum. The relentless cycle of schoolwork and deadlines holds scant appeal these days, after a lifetime of compulsory education followed by an extended part-time approach to earning a degree. Still in the throes of this final wave of exams, I’m ready to get off this hamster wheel once and for all. This is my final round of finals.

Hard to believe that relief is in sight, at long last. Many years went by when I couldn’t even say for sure if I was a Sophomore or a Junior, graduating in 2015, 2016, or just graduating, period. Working online, separated from a physical campus by hundreds of miles, I was completely in the dark; there was no light at the end of the tunnel at all.

No one could have predicted what a crazy, twisting path lay ahead, nor how the journey might shape my life, far beyond basic intellectual enrichment. Pulling me across the country to this foreign land that I now call home, it may not be paradise and sunshine every day, but it sure is beachy-keen compared my once hermit-like existence.

Once the very last wave of grades crashes ashore, I can’t say for sure what the future might hold. Heck, I can’t even say what I’ll eat for dinner tonight! All I know is that there’s still so much more ahead, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have built my nest here in California to see it through.

That’s all to say, please forgive any blogging interruptions until graduation! Your regularly programmed posts will return shortly.

19 thoughts on “The Final Final

  1. Oh, man, can I relate—permastudent over here! You can do it, since you’ve gotten this far! And then you’ll find yourself pacing, when it’s all done, wondering what you’ll do now that there are no more essays or assignments or exams. It’ll be glorious. Good luck to you, and may your transition from formal student to student of life be smooth and pleasant : ) Cheers to you!

  2. As one student to another “Remember the Alamo”. Seriously, I have NO idea what happened at the Alamo but it seems like something that some student out there really should be remembering for some test or other. Once you finish your formal studies you can finally have a chance to really ply your (amazing) trade. I LOVE your crochet/amigurumi Ms Hannah. You hook a mean critter. Photography involves taking what you see, documenting it and making it real for the masses. You are exceptionally good at observing and recording the visual Ms Hannah. You are a voice in the wilderness telling it like it is for the masses and for that, and for all of your studious efforts, we, your loyal fans, salute you :)

  3. Hannah, good luck with this final push — you’ll do great! Plan another visit to Austin. Stewie insists!

    Xox nancy

  4. Congratulations! After getting on that hamster wheel for the second time back last year, I’m feeling your pain and no doubt elation when you’re finally through!

  5. I’m a bit late getting to the graduation party, but here I am, ready to celebrate. Our younger daughter graduated two weekends ago, so I know the feeling of relief now from both sides. Whatever you do after all you’ve already done and wherever you go (glad you settled somewhere warmer), you’ll do wonderfully, just as you have so far. If you come to Chicago one of these days, let me know. I’ll take the train into the city and say congratulations in person. :-)


    1. Thank you so much, Janet. I’m truly touched by your thoughtful comment! You’ve seen quite a bit of my journey through my photo assignments, and I’m so grateful for your feedback all along. I’m hoping to keep on traveling as much as possible- You’ll be the first to know if Chicago is on my itinerary. :)

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