Silent Saturday: On Location, Behind the Scenes

15 thoughts on “Silent Saturday: On Location, Behind the Scenes

    1. In this case, all of these photos were shot on location in the restaurant itself. My part-time job takes me all over the city to photograph various dishes straight from the chefs themselves! For freelance and personal projects, I shoot in my studio, but the light is terrible inside so I actually shoot most of my photos out in the backyard. Thank goodness we’ve been getting a lot of sunshine lately. ;)

      1. I have to say that light is my mortal enemy, or lack there of. I need something to deflect….. but loving your blog, so inspirational, and teaching me so much! :)

      2. You just need to find the light and make it work for you! Much of the time when I’m shooting on location like this, I build my own “table” on the ground with a textured background panel on top of two apple boxes. Whatever it takes to get the best shot! :)

  1. Thank you for the glimpse behind the scenes. I love to see what happens before we see the finished shots.

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