Meals of the Millennium

It’s truly the end of an era as Millennium closes its doors for the final time in downtown San Francisco. After more than two decades of sharing space with Hotel California, this eminent establishment of vegan fine dining has outgrown its original outpost and is ready to leave the nest. Relocating to Rockridge in preparation for a June re-opening, it won’t be long before San Francisco will be treated to Chef Eric Tucker’s unique take on fresh, seasonal produce once again. I’ve had the incredible fortune and privilege of eating my way through a serious portion of the ever-changing menu, each dish a thoughtful composition of flavors and textures, sparkling under the romantic, warm lights. I’d like to think that this first twenty years is only the very start, and I can’t wait to see what comes out of the new East Bay kitchen.

Some of the specifics may have fallen victim to my terrible memory, the details lost in time, but the flavors and experiences are all utterly unforgettable. I, for one, am looking forward to a brand new Millennium.

Dyan’s “Whole Lotta Lovage” Limeade (left); cucumber, lovage, mint, lime, soda. Steve’s “Wanna Meet that Dad” BBQ Negroni (right); mezcal, gran classico & sweet vermouth, aged with oak and chipotle chile, fried onion

Starters for the Convertible Trailer Table; Ariana’s birkenstock-unicorn hippy whole grain nut & seed bread, potato parker house rolls, De Wit’s chile cumari-green onion corn bread, scallion butter, Darwin award chile picante pistachios

Jordan’s Cornmeal Crusted Fried Green Tomatoes; cashew remoulade, Justin’s tater tot poutine with Michael Miguel’s mushroom-bourbon gravy, Lupes fava bean sopes with Johnny’s papadzul

Tess’s Real SF Style Ice Berg Wedgie Salad; shaved radish, black eyed pea-green tomato chow chow, fermented tofu nori “blue cheese” dressing

Crusted King Trumpet Mushrooms; Arborio rice dredge, cabbage salad with lime vinaigrette, Gochujang dipping sauce, Szechuan pepper sesame salt

Steamed Bao; shiitake mushrooms, tea-smoked tofu, kimchi

Cornmeal Crusted Tofu Nori “Catfish” Po Boy; kalamata olive hot relish, crystal tabasco aioli, cabbage slaw

Black Bean Sopes; crisp corn masa medallions, smoked black bean puree, caramelized plantains, avocado & roasted tomatillo salsa, pumpkin seed-habanero sauce, cilantro & epazote cashew sour cream

Seared Potato Gnocchi; vanilla-braised lobster mushrooms, grilled oyster mushrooms, saffron-lemon cashew cream, sweet pepperonata, and fried sage

Grilled Portobello Mushroom & Poblano Chile Tamale; toasted red corn masa, Pinquito bean molé, winter root vegetable hash, grilled onions, caramelized pineapple & habanero salsa, pumpkin seed crema

Jerk Tempeh; seared tempeh, blistered green beans, mashed sweet potatoes, hibiscus barbeque sauce

Let’s Make Whoopie Pie with Sam & Ambrose (Sambrose)!; vanilla bean ice cream, boozy marshmallow cream & DIY toppings bar (picture above before adding the avalanche of toppings)

Crème Brûlée; lemongrass, saffron & rosé cream, toasted almond “honey” ice cream, rosewater thumbprint cookies with mandarinquat marmalade, sesame seed tuile

Meyer Lemon Curd Pie; lavender cream, rhubarb compote, thyme, poppyseed ice cream

Chocolate Almond Midnight; almond cashew crust, chocolate filling, espresso ganache, white chocolate mousse, raspberry sauce, almond bark

5 thoughts on “Meals of the Millennium

  1. Wow! That is all that needs to be said. I was afraid when I saw the first few lines that you were going to say that they went out of business. Glad that’s not true.


  2. Now THAT…is food! Whoever said that vegans live on fruit and mung beans needs to read this post. Gorgeous food, gorgeous photography and SO glad that this obviously fine dining establishment is reopening rather than doing a swan dive into the ocean :)

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