Photo Friday: Night Lights

15 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Night Lights

  1. You are a maestro of light Ms Hannah. I was a bit worried for you in the first 2 images because I thought you might have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque on the way to the supermarket and found yourself in Harlem but nope, back on the shiny light Yellow Brick Road in image 3. Lovely stuff that you most certainly know your way around most beautifully ma’am. I salute your photographic skills and raise you 4 baby cherimoyas for the new year! :)

    1. Just some crazy adventures! We got pulled over because the car had an expired sticker of some sort, but it actually just hadn’t been replaced. Silly stuff but at least the police officers were very nice.

      Fingers crossed on those newborn cherimoyas! I got your sweetsop seeds in the mail, by the way, but was in such a rush I forgot to include a message before sealing the envelope. I meant to say: Enjoy, good luck, and may they bear many sweet fruits for years to come. :)

      1. SO excited! A little slice of tropical Hawaii in temperate Sidmouth and all thanks to the generosity of a wonderful vegan food blogger who takes awesome photos. I love social media :)

      2. Aw shucks, I feel like you’re the one doing me the favor here… I just want to live vicariously through your adventures so I can pretend I’m growing these fruits myself! If you have any requests, don’t be afraid to shout them out. I have access to all sorts of fun exotic options here and it’s no trouble at all to save more seeds.

      3. If you would like to save me seeds I would be most grateful Ms Hannah. You are doing the world a service as well because plants love diversification and there is no WAY that some of those babies would ever make it all the way down to Tassie without a little assistance ;). I doubt a tropical bird, even with a hurricane behind it, would make it this far down to deposit it’s payload ;). I am eternally grateful to you Hannah, you are an incredibly generous soul :)

  2. That surfing stickman photo is insane! How you managed to capture that I have no idea, but nice job! Your photos are great as ever!
    Happy New Year!

    1. The secret is that the technique is very easy: All it takes is a flashlight, a dark night, and a very long exposure (20 – 30 seconds.) Lots of fun to play with!

      Happy New Year to you too!

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