Photo Friday: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

11 thoughts on “Photo Friday: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. Your neighbourhood is lovely Hannah. I especially love the image with the beer on the grave and the lantana is very pretty as well. Thank you for giving us a birds eye view of your lovely neighbourhood :)

    1. Lantana- so that’s what it is! Of course you would know. You’d probably be more at home here than I. I sure wish you could help me identify all of the mysterious fawna and flora around the neighborhood. I can’t help but wonder what’s edible, poisonous, or just pretty. Thanks for figuring this one out at least!

  2. Your neighbourhood looks beautiful except those very tall apartment buildings,…they are huge yet very colourful! You don’t see that in Belgium!
    You have a lovely outdoor neighbourhood! ☺️

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