Red, White, and Sweet All Over

As I’ve found to be true for other bloggers, a quiet front on the wide open internet usually means frenetic activity behind the scenes. Although poor little BitterSweet may not be the beneficiary of all the daily food prep and photography, the oven hasn’t even had a chance to cool down for a moment in the past week.

Considering the skyrocketing popularity of red velvet cake, I was eagerly awaiting an opportunity to re-examine this classic confection and infuse it with a fresh palate of new flavors. That occasion lined up perfectly with the changing seasons, dropping the inspiration to add cranberries right into my lap.

The recipe for this alluring Cranberry Red Velvet Cake can be found on Go Dairy Free. In case you were looking for a prime Thanksgiving dessert that wasn’t the same old standard pumpkin pie, consider your search complete. A seasonal treat with its own bold style, it would be simple enough to convert the cake into a more everyday affair by turning it into cupcakes, too.

Elsewhere, my nearly ancient Pumpkin Bread Pudding recipe got a little facelift over on VegKitchen. First born from the oven about seven years ago, it was due for a small revamp in the writing department, and a big overhaul in the photography department. While the formula was solid before, it’s a knock-out, no-fail winner now, with some much more attractive visuals to boot.

The days may be growing darker and colder, but I’m just getting warmed up. There are a whole lot more sweet (and savory) treats to come soon!

14 thoughts on “Red, White, and Sweet All Over

  1. That looks absolutely delicious. I love looking at other food blogs because they are so inspiring. I’ve been blogging for a long time, however, food blogs are pretty new to me although I have countless food blogs that never saw the sign of daylight except for now. Keep up the good work!

  2. Have been busy after getting back and havent had time to catch up on your blog.

    This cake looks so gorgeous! love the red that contrast with the white. I can imagine that it goes very well with cranberries!

  3. I would totally take a slice of cranberry red velvet cake over pumpkin pie any day. Updating it with the cranberries is truly inspired. I remember making your black velvet cupcakes from Vegan Desserts with the blackberries. :-)

  4. Being a Belgian, I have never eaten a red velvet cake before,…it looks huge, special & very red & white!
    Your vegan pumpkin bread pudding looks splendid..i am so going to make it tomorrow. 👍👻👻

  5. I was just reading your gorgeous ‘Easy as Vegan Pie’ cookbook, it was one of my belated birthday gifts from a family friend (my birthday was in June) and they were backordered until October. I’m so happy to get my hands on your cookbook. I had a vegan red velvet cupcake at Sprinkles in Chicago and it was really good, but your cake looks heavenly gorgeous and I would eat the whole cake! What a stunning pumpkin bread pudding…that looks so yummy!

  6. How many times have I said this about you so far: You are a GENIUS. Cranberry red velvet cake?! Absolutely brilliant.

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