For Every Bird a Nest [of Kale]

For every Bird a Nest —
Wherefore in timid quest
Some little Wren goes seeking round —

Wherefore when boughs are free —
Households in every tree —
Pilgrim be found?

Perhaps a home too high —
Ah Aristocracy!
The little Wren desires —

Perhaps of kale so fine —
Of leafy greens e’en superfine,
Her pride aspires —

The Lark is not ashamed
To build upon the ground
Her modest house —

Yet who of all the throng
Dancing around the sun
Does so rejoice?

[Ever so slightly adapted from] Emily Dickinson

15 thoughts on “For Every Bird a Nest [of Kale]

  1. Awesome amigurumi Ms Hannah and the kale makes a lovely contrasting background (and meal for the bird ;) ). Winter…time for amigurumi production! ;)

    1. Today was also lovely over here, and happily, quite a bit warmer than expected. It truly felt like spring- What a glorious relief from the cold! If only it would last… Thanks for the “warm” wishes. ;)

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