Photo Friday: Spring has Sprung

Transitioning back to the slowly thawing east coast from the downright summery weather of Hawaii has been a shock to the system, taking the intelligent words right out of me. In lieu of a more cerebral post, I have come to offer another wallpaper freebie, in hopes of buying some time before getting back on a regular blogging schedule. If you’re interested, you know the drill: Click the image to view full size. To save it as a desktop wallpaper, right click, select “Set as Desktop Background,” and choose the “Stretch” option to fit to your screen.

13 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Spring has Sprung

  1. You already have that much green in the North East? That’s crazy to me! It’s been nice here lately (50’s, 60’s) but no green yet… And of course we’re supposed to get 4″ of snow tomorrow ;)

  2. The whether here seems to be oscillating between mild to cold. I’ll be thankful in another couple of months when it oscillates between warm to hot. Nice to see a bit of greenery for chance – lovely photograph ;)

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