Adjusting to Island Time

What do you call a trip that’s not quite a vacation, not entirely business, and lasts for a whole month? No, this isn’t a riddle, this is what I’m trying to figure out! I’ve made the leap over to Hawaii in hopes of weathering the worst of winter in a tropical paradise, and it’s wonderful, disorienting, dizzying, and exciting all at once. Never fear; regular posting will resume shortly, as soon as I adjust to island time.

20 thoughts on “Adjusting to Island Time

  1. Its called “Heaven” ma’am ;) Have a blast and can’t wait to see what intersting things you manage to find and share. I LOVE it when you go to Hawaii! (Bugger…the Beach Boys earworm “Hawaii” has just returned to my long suffering brain for the immediate future…”Hawaii…hawaii…gonna go to Hawaii…AARRRGGHGHH!” ;)

  2. Hey Hannah! I spend a month in Hawaii this past summer (2013). Stayed on the Big Island and Oahu. Let me know if you need any Vegan recommendations!

  3. Here’s a quick list of places that I’ve tried:
    **Simply Joy (Vietnamese & Italian)–kind of a crazy combo, but their food is pretty good. Get the Vegan Bun Bo Hue
    Peace Cafe-Get the Bi Bim Bop or the Avocado sandwich
    **DownBeat Diner-Open until 3 am in Chinatown
    YardHouse-Not all vegan, but they have Gardein products (wings) and other options
    **Down to Earth Market-Good hot and cold bar-Baked goods–get the Acai Bowl
    Kokua Market-Another organic market
    Waiola Shave Ice-get the red bean shave ice with coconut
    Diamond Head Cove Health Bar-Great Smoothies and sandwiches
    Can’t wait to read all about it!

    1. Thank you so much, these are really great leads to investigate! I’ve already hit a few of your picks, but I see I have a lot more work (and more specifically, eating) to do… Can’t wait to check them out. :)

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