Wild Winter Wonderland

Change up the usual festive flavors and think blue this holiday season! Before you hit palate fatigue from pumpkin pie-spiced everything, reach to the freezer for inspiration and invite Wild Blueberries back to the party. Even as the days go by and winter tightens its grip, frozen Wild Blueberries are still not only available but convenient, since they’ll stay icily preserved until inspiration strikes, and of course, just as sweet and delicious as ever. I’m not alone in my Wild Blueberry holiday plans, as two other very talented bloggers have joined me in developing some festive, true blue treats to celebrate the season.

Together, with the help of Wild Blueberries, we banded together to create a delicious free e-book with seven irresistible recipes, both sweet and savory, to help inspire some new holiday traditions.

My contributions start with a sweet and simple drink. It may not look like much more than a standard mug of hot chocolate, but beneath that steamy surface hides a rich, blue secret. Wild Blueberries and chai tea spice things up together, contributing both a warming and fresh, fruity flavor unlike any other cocoa combination I’ve ever tried. Wild Blueberry Chai-Spiced Hot Chocolate is a snap to whip up after a rough day out in the freezing cold, and is sure to take the chill off instantly.

Heading over to the savory side of the street, a quick Wild Blueberry jam infused with fresh sage is sure to surprise and delight. Perfect to smear on crackers and enjoy unadorned, or pack into pretty glass jars to give away as gifts, this is an intense, flavorful spread that masterfully balances sweet, savory, sour, salty, and herbal tastes in every bite. Of course, you can also dress it up for your next big shindig by creating Wild Blueberry Crostini.

Lightly toasted slices of baguette are topped with creamy pistachio ricotta, serving as the perfect foil to the flavorful jam. Finish the whole thing off with a sprinkle of crunchy whole pistachios, and guests may not be able to save room for dinner itself.

Stock up on a bag or two of frozen Wild Blueberries and go check out the whole free e-book for these recipes and more. I don’t know about you, but now I’m dreaming of a blue Christmas…

This post was written for and is sponsored by Wild Blueberries, but all content and opinions are entirely my own.

16 thoughts on “Wild Winter Wonderland

  1. Guess who is just about to get fresh blueberries? It is almost blueberry season here in Tassie and we grow some amazing fruit. It might just be that narf77 is going to head off on the blueberry highway this Christmas. Cheers for the share and I don’t feel guilty not buying the brand of frozen berries that you mentioned because we can’t get them here ;)

    1. Okay so I am a bit jealous, but the beauty of this all is that you can use either frozen or fresh berries, if you’ve got them! No brands here, just promoting wild blueberries in general. No reason to feel guilty about that. :)

      1. Lucky because I don’t think we can buy frozen blueberries here ;). I loved the e-book, cheers for the excellent share and the amazingly inventive delicious looking recipes :)

  2. Wow, Hanna, you’re for sure a talented gal!! I found you randomly today when searching for a lentil loaf on fatfreevegan.com and now I’ll keep checking your blog regularly as well ;)
    Thank you for sharing these awesome recipes!
    Question though: although the wild blueberry jam looks amazing, the savory aspect of it didn’t sound appetizing to me for some reason :-/
    Is it reeeally savory? Or can you taste a bit of sweetness as well?

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you continue to feel inspired by what you find here, too. :)
      As for the jam, it does have a touch of sweetness, but the overruling taste is more savory. You could always push the flavor profile in the other direction if you left out the sage and added perhaps 1/4 – 1/2 cup granulated sugar, according to taste. I’d love to hear how that goes if you give it a shot!

  3. I really love to try Blueberry Chai-Spiced Hot Chocolate.
    I would really appreciate if you will include the recipe and ingredients of it in your next article.
    You have a great article though, it gives a little twist of new dish that we can enjoy during the cold season.

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