With Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you’re planning a big feast or just an average meal, I hope you’re surrounded by friends, family, and countless reasons to feel thankful.

14 thoughts on “With Thanks

  1. Same to you, Hannah. Thanks for brightening my day with all your beautiful recipes, photos and commentary. I’m especially thankful that the huge storm predicted to be right in the path of the last part of our trip didn’t materialize…or at least was gone by the time we came through. Made it to Philly without incident and are ready to relax and enjoy today.


  2. Happy thanksgiving to you too! First time at your blog, I was mesmerised by the pictures, it looks like a restaurant kind of cooking, really fascinating.

    1. It actually is a Tofurky brand roast! After experimenting quite a bit after many holidays and many years, I’ve found that the preparation makes all the difference. It takes a lot of planning, but the way that I tend to cook mine now starts with a simmer in flavorful vegetable/mushroom stock and/or marinade, followed by an overnight soak. Then I let it dry outside of the liquid, rub it with olive oil, and bake it at high heat.

      1. Thanks for the response! I actually don’t mind it prepared according to the package’s instructions, but I’m going to have to give your method a try next time. As I said, it looks way better!

    1. I’m so sorry to keep you waiting. The souffle recipe still is unpublished and furthermore unfinished. Hopefully the upcoming winter break will finally afford me the time to focus on it once more. Thank you so much for hanging tight! After all your trouble, I will be sure to share it freely on the blog for everyone to enjoy right away.

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