Monstrous Munchies

Halloween is right around the corner, but if you haven’t yet figured out your snacking strategy for when the moon rises and the creatures of the night emerge, don’t panic! Rather than reaching for a protective head of garlic, I say go for the sweets and invite those monsters right on in. They’ll feel perfectly at home when you present them with a heaping bowlful of gloriously green Matcha Monster Munch.

Candied green tea popcorn, tossed with crunchy pepitas and drenched in a generous drizzle of dark chocolate is a treat to tempt even the most distasteful beasts. Perfect for a party or just a quiet night of answering the doorbell for trick-or-treaters, it’s a snack that’s as irresistible as it is vibrant.

Quick, jump on your broomstick and fly over to the recipe on Go Dairy Free, before the witching hour is over!

15 thoughts on “Monstrous Munchies

  1. Yum, some of my favorite things all in one place! My treat is that I’ll be traveling on Thursday, heading to Philly for a younger-daughter visit. Hopefully there will be no tricks on the way and I will NOT be wearing a costume as I drive. :-) Have fun, whatever you’ll be doing.


    1. Ah, but that’s great! You’ll get to see the trick-or-treat action right on the street. Just be careful where you park, because I clearly recall getting my car egged in previous years… Unfortunately, I’m just spending the day cooped up in the office, no fun at all. Enjoy it for me and post about it, so I can live vicariously through your experiences!

  2. Wow Hannah, you made my day! Iā€™m a green tea fanatic, especially tea-based anything else! Love them in popcorn and these crunchy pepitas give a pop greenish color! These are more than perfect for Halloween! I would love to jump on my broomstick ASAP and pick them up ASAP! Have a wonderful Halloween, Hannah xx

  3. I love the look of it – perfect for Hallowe’en! I know I’m a bit late on that one, so I’ll just have to make it for Bonfire Night instead!

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