Breakfast for Dinner

How can it be that I’ve gone about my life for 24 years, blissfully ignorant of the glorious celebration that is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month? That’s 24 wasted Aprils, 24 missed opportunities to indulge in this childhood pleasure. No- Make that only 23 chances to indulge in melted cheesy goodness between two pieces of toasted bread, because this is the year that I start making up for lost time.

The time to start small with the standard assemblage has passed; I’m plunging in with gusto. Ditching the standard white or wheat bread, the party gets started with two fluffy pancakes on either end. Ever so lightly sweetened, they provide the perfect counterpoint to the salty, savory ingredients that they flank. After cooking and cooling, the pancakes go back into the frying pan, this time topped with a heaping handful of Mexican Style Shreds, so graciously provided by Go Veggie! (formerly known as Galaxy). Once melted to a magnificently gooey consistency, one pancake is topped with a hefty serving of the eggiest, creamiest tofu scramble I know, while the other is garnished with thinly sliced ripe tomato. Grilled until warmed through, the two halves come together to create one monster of a sandwich, better than a mere grilled cheese and yet one that carries the same comforting nostalgia. Break out the fork and knife for this one, because it’s messy, it’s sloppy, and oh so satisfying.

Oh April, if only I knew of your cheesy charms sooner. If this is just the start, this will be a good month, indeed.

33 thoughts on “Breakfast for Dinner

  1. Tofu scramble between to pancakes? I’m sold. I could totally see this at a veg-friendly restaurant. Can’t say I’ve ever tried this unique combo myself, but would love to. Breakfast for dinner is my jam.

  2. I am SO jealous of you guys ability to just head down to the supermarket and buy vegan cheeze worth eating. We only have hideous “soy cheese” here that has the texture, mouthfeel (and taste if truth be known) of soap. I would rather eat my own feet :(. I can only sit here and gently (and most pathetically) stroke the screen…sigh…

    1. Oh my dear, I have faith that someday soon, vegan cheese will be readily available all over the word…

      *sings off key*

      Some day your cheez will come
      Some day you’ll grill again
      And away to a food coma you’ll go
      To be cheezy forever I know

      1. With my fingers FIRMLY in my ears I salute you! ;). I have decided to bow to pressure and put a recipe into the Vegan Potluck. Are you going to enter one this year? I feel like a autograph hunting kid with some of the wonderful vegan bloggers that will be contributing this year…frankly I am star struck! ;)

  3. That looks delicious! And well let’s not talk about the number of wasted years that I did not know about grilled cheese month… Haha… I just find out right now but I feel I might have to jump in too!

  4. Neat, pancakes instead of buns! I usually use English muffins, but yours sounds positively decadent! We’re going to try this, and add a thin slice of guacamole too.

  5. I love the idea of pancakes to make your breakfast-y grilled cheese! And I love those new shreds- very yummy! I’m actually making my own grilled cheese with them tonight…

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