Hanging with My Peeps

Come March 1st, grocery store shelves are already fully stocked with enough Easter paraphernalia to power non-stop spring fetes lasting a full month, regardless of when Easter Sunday is actually observed. For all the pastel glitter and sugar on offer, they still lack what is arguably the single most important element to a proper holiday celebration: Vegan marshmallow peeps. Peeps may have gotten a life outside of the spring season, but they will forever be inextricably linked with Easter in my mind, and vice versa. Since there was little understanding of what Easter really was in my formative years, all that in my eyes were those colorful, sugar-encrusted chicks and bunnies, staring out of their cardboard sleeves with emotionless dots for eyes.

Sweet & Sara has taken up the task of providing this essential Easter staple, easily surpassing that original standard. This isn’t the first time I’ve shared about these seasonal treats, but I’m happy to say that they’ve only improved over time. Now they too come dusted in a light coat of colored sugar, matching my fond childhood memories, but with real dark chocolate adorning each adorable shape. You won’t find them in stores any time soon, but they’re worth seeking out during this limited window of availability. Spring just wouldn’t be nearly as sweet without them.

18 thoughts on “Hanging with My Peeps

  1. We just bypass the commercial side of Easter now but I did find a recipe for jelly shooters made with coconut cream, rum and some other stuff that you pour into easter egg moulds and set and that are bright coloured and striped and I might just have to make some of them this easter ;)

  2. Peeps were a tradition in my house growing up, so it’s great to know that Sweet & Sara has stepped up with adorable sugar-coated vegan versions! I’m tempted to order some, but we’ll see…

  3. I want to like Sweet & Sara, but I’ve been burned TWICE by making a special trip out to a store that they listed as carrying their products and did not. And when I emailed S&S to say “FYI you list this location and they don’t actually carry it,” I got a reply saying “ask them to!” AND that location is still listed on their website.

  4. I have somehow missed the peeps so far. But as I am a huge fan of their marshmallows & s’mores, I’m sure I could devour one in a few minutes.
    I really feel the urge to make cadbury eggs this year. I am sure I wouldn’t even be able to eat one because they are so tooth-achingly sweet, but oh nostalgia!

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