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Not one to dwell on the negative, there are still countless happier things to share. It’s the first of December after all, prime time for merriment and holiday spirit, no conditions required. Normally, I’d be the first to snark about the rampant consumerism that hollows out these events into shallow dates that only manufacturers can celebrate. This year, however, it all feels different. Homemade gifts are great, still the best choice, but if you want to buy shiny new toys for every last person on your list? More power to you. If retailers want to tempt shoppers with deep discounts? Fantastic, grab those deals while they’re hot. If that’s what makes the holidays real, if that’s what feels right, then what on earth is so bad about that?

So in the spirit of gift-giving, I’m delighted to share these adorable MugTails by Korin. This sweet set of two bushy-tailed squirrels arrived on my doorstep as an early Hanukkah gift, but it would seem greedy to keep both matching cups. That’s why I’m giving one away, no strings attached. Anyone can enter since I’m able to ship it directly, no matter where you live. Just be sure to leave me a comment before midnight EST on December 8th with a valid email address in the appropriate box. Anything goes, but if you’re feeling short on words, tell me what’s at the top of your wishlist.

UPDATE: And the winner is…

Commenter behind door number #38! That means that andrea, you’ve scored yourself one adorable little squirrely mug! Congrats, and keep your eyes peeled for an email from me shortly.

In case you haven’t figured out your entire shopping list yet, I do have an additional suggestion: A cookbook! Yes, one of my cookbooks would be particularly lovely. In fact, to further sweeten the deal, I’ll send you a free signed bookplate if you purchase any one of my books (My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, or Vegan a la Mode) through the month of December, 2012. This one I must unfortunately restrict to residents of the US only. Once you’ve purchased your book, email me at hannah @ mysweetvegan . com (no spaces) with either a screenshot for online purchases or an image of a scanned receipt.

60 thoughts on “Tall Tails

  1. My wish list is topped by the desire to get our on the market and sold as quickly as possible and, naturally, for a reasonable price. The painters come Monday, for a couple weeks of frenzied plastering, priming, painting and who knows what else and then hopefully we can get the house on the market. I know the market isn’t great right now, but it only takes one person or couple to love the place. I’m leaving that part up to the Lord. My part is to get it ready and that’s a big enough job.

    My “real” Christmas wish list isn’t usually all that large. This year I’d like a keyboard for my iPad, since the one it has makes any real and fast typing impossible. I’d also like a ravioli cutter, the kind with the squiggly edge. And sweaters and Amazon gift cards to use for books are always a hit. :-)

    Just got “Artisan Vegan Cheese” from the library and I’m excited to try to make some of these, provided I can find the agar powder and carrageenan. Amazon may be my best bet for those and then I could get the book for myself at a discount price. Hee, hee.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. BTW, I have one of your cookbooks from the library as well right now.

  2. Top of my wishlist is hugs from my family and sunshine. But alas, I’ll have to think of something more tangible! Gorgeous new look, my dear.

  3. top of my wishlist? to be the living kidney donor for a friend of mine- and a first class ticket for the ride back after I am discharged!!

  4. Those are so adorable! Squirrels are some of my favorite animals. As for my wishlist I really want some potted herbs, which is a bit silly, I suppose, but my only potted basil is dying :( and I really love herbs.

  5. I just love those mugs!

    The top of my wishlist this year is a small tablet or ereader – I just can’t decide what to get. Kindle, Nexus 7, iPad mini?

  6. Wishlist – anything homemade or with some thought behind it! No need for random material things (except maybe the squirrel mug).

  7. I love these mugs! They’re so cute! My wishlist this year consists of a new pair of boots and some good family time!

  8. I’m in love with those mugs!
    At the top of my wishlist this year is my family. I mish them so much and I can’t wait to go home for the holidays!

    Cheers from Spain!

  9. Aw these are adorable! Top of my holiday wishlist…..hmmm, to make a tasty vegan pie? I am brand-new to veganism and my vegan pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving was not ideal. (I’ll be checking out your book for a hopefully tastier version!)

  10. This Christmas I wish for nothing tangible, just a calm day of love and warmth in my cozy house. Eating vegan food and desserts, of course. (On a more materialistic note, though, My Sweet Vegan looks tempting…)

  11. Top of my wishlist: the knitkit (icelandic hoody) with the wool and pattern I ordered, but sadly it was cancelled (out of stock). I was very much looking forward to knitting this. I hope it will be in stock soon. I love the squirrel mug, we have a squirrelfeeder in our garden,which is lovely. The squirrel sometimes sleeps in it :)

  12. Oops, silly iPhone and it’s trigger happy return button! Anyway, as I was saying, my nickname is Squirrel so now those cups are number one on my wish list! After that, I’d say probably a cuisinart food processor.

  13. everyone says “oh you have to get a blendtec they are so fantastic” but i’d be happy with a squirrel for my 12 yr old daughter who is often called “squirrelina”…..thanks for your blog this year, so useful and entertaining.

  14. Those mugs are just adorable! I have such a thing for mugs, my collection is a little ridiculous. I love how each one is different. This would make an amazing addition to my collection. Thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

  15. Oh, those are so great! Squirrels are my absolute favorite – I spend way too much time at the window, watching them out in my yard! Yes, I even feed them. :)

  16. Wish list? I don’t have a clue what I wish for. One of these, or one of those, a little of this, a little of that…but a big wish? I don’t think the things I most need can be ordered or bought; however, the squirrely mug would at least bring a smile to my face.

    Today, when I was supposed to be grading essays, I got squirrel ADD and went on the balcony to watch a squirrel grab those prickly balls off the tree, munch, then drop them to the ground. Fully entertaining!


  17. top of my wishlist is good enough weather to get to my dads for the holidays. in terms of tangible gifts there’s not much I need (though these mugs have just been added) but I always appreciate whisky.

  18. My number one wish is that the man that I have become very close to …I’m a home health attendant is out of the hospital at least before Christmas. He’s diabetic and has to have rest of his foot removed that will leave him even less mobile. because of infection. And he has the cutest stuffed Squirrel that’s his favorite and would love to have for him as a welcome home present.

  19. These are so adorable! I rescued a baby squirrel ten years ago and am now writing a book about my experiences being a squirrel mom so these are a definite must on my holiday wish list! My wish list is very short nowadays as I feel that my life is chock full of blessings and love and it feels really awesome to be able to say to people this year “you know, there really isn’t much I want this year..just come spend time with me and my family.”

  20. I want to get out of this wheelchair! It is too hard to bake sitting down. I own all of your books, and now give them as gifts. Love them.

  21. I still haven’t been quite able to grasp what I want this holiday season. I wouldn’t mind a tea sampler or a really fancy chocolate bar, but that’s also what I want most days.

  22. no wish list – doing holidays solo and i’m struggling w/ it – though trying not to dwell too much on the “negative” as you say ….

  23. My good friend, who is a total squirrel fiend, would love one of those mugs for Christmas! I’m always on the hunt for cute squirrel things for her around this time of year.

  24. Oh man. I want that mug SO BAD! I had a stuffed squirrel growing up that I creatively named Squirrely. Squirrely my be hiding in a box somewhere in my apartment now, but that mug would be greatly loved!

  25. Adorable mug! That’s so generous of you to offer to give one away; I don’t know if I would be able to part with them!
    On my wishlist was getting a job, and that was thanksfully fulfilled last Friday, so now I think I’ll be a little selfish and say a gift certificate to LUSH. :)

  26. Those are great cups! My mom and I really enjoy squirrel-related things!

    I don’t really have a top on my list, but I am looking forward to spending time with others and cooking too! I hope that I will be able to try some of your recipes!

  27. The only thing cuter than that mug (esp the one at the back) would be a RAT mug! (some concept :P)

    Hmm what to say…well, I live in Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa which is known for its squirrel population. If I won this mug it would be so awesome cos we dont get awesome stuff like that here thats easy to buy (everywhere uses Paypal etc and nor do I own a credit card).

    But, besides the winning, I must say it was your blog that got me into blogging. I even added the snow widget (which reminds me, I must enable it for this season!). I love your recipes and the sheer creative power you have. The photos are inspiring, the receipes are innovative, and everything fits together in one awesome package.

    Maybe I can tell you a little about myself? If you’re interested, that is. If you’re not, well then skip to the end and pretend this part never happened haha.

    I’m 29 this year, I live in South Africa, specifically Cape Town, home to Table Mountain which recently became one of the 7 Wonders of Nature (I’m very proud, can you tell!). We have heavy crime, like lots of other countries, but we also have so many amazing aspecs of Africa. One of the saddest things is our battle to stop Rhino poaching, we’re up to more than 1 rhino a day being killed for their horns for Chinese muti :( Its a terrible tragidy.

    Ok ok, now that I’ve depressed you, let’s move on to a more fun topic. This mug post sparked my interest because I keep pet rats. I currently have four, one Agouti (aka a brown one lol), a Pink-Eyed White (think Pinky and the Brain), a Husky (yup, pedigree rat!) and a Russian Silver. I’ve been featured on TV for my rat forum and rat knowledge before hehe. Anyway, so anything rodent catches my eye and I fall instantly in love.

    Enough of my essay, I’m sure you have enough to read through without my waffling. If you like, check out my blog and/or youtube channel. Nice chatting with you, and even though I dont always comment, I always read your posts!

    Keep well and Happy Holidays!

    PS: I hope these links works, cos I cant preview the post before posting lol

    1. Oh and I forgot (as if my essay wasnt long enough!), your crafty items are what led me to you in the first place! Specifically this cupcake ornament of which I never ended up making lol (I procrastinate a lot).

      Also, top of my Christmas list is a dehydrator (to dry decorated cookies or dry out fruit for decorations), ballroom dancing shoes, a KitchenAid mixer, and a huge Amazon gift card.

      Those are things that are the wish list items, none of which I ever expect to get in the near future, from myself nor others haha. I just wish for happiness, love and good food (for myself and those less fortunate than me – soppy, I know, but I genuinely feel pity for the less fortunate over the Christmas season and I do try donate wherever I can).

  28. I am hoping for more time with my family in the new year. My hubby and I both work in medicine, so sometimes it leaves little time to be together. My resolution (and wish) is to find more time, and make the most of the time we have together.

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