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Blog, Interrupted


Breaking such a long stretch of radio silence and launching right back into the regular routine is proving far more difficult than first imagined. Even with an abundant backlog and ample time carved out for writing, the words still won’t manifest into satisfying sentences. A little over one week without blogging is all it takes to shatter the easy flow of ideas and photos, it would seem. While I’m still struggling to get back on my feet, the pile of material only grows, pushing against the impulse to curl up in bed and shun all critical thought. That’s a good thing.

One time-sensitive piece that is begging to be shared, asap, is the launch of So Delicious‘ brand new Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk Beverage. Originally I had wanted to nominate this beverage as the unofficial nog of Halloween, but since our town’s spooky celebration was canceled for yet another year, it’s just as well that this is a drink suitable for any festive events. Powerfully rich and thick enough to coat the palate with one sip, this is not a drink to mess around with. Sweet as a dessert in itself, a straight shot of this autumnal treat reminds me of melted ice cream. Truth be told, it’s so sugary and viscous that I’m not sure I would recommend sipping it plain. Rather, it’s the kind of ingredient begging to be cut with a shot of espresso, or spiked with a splash of rum.

Lightly seasoned with warm spices, cinnamon leads the pack of usual suspects, ginger and nutmeg. My biggest disappointment is that despite listing pumpkin as an ingredient, the squash flavor is entirely absent. Perhaps an added pinch of salt would help awaken those more savory notes, but at least an effort was made to go beyond the typical artificially flavored route.

To make the Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk really shine, it simply must be used in baking or cooking. Imagine using it to soak French toast, instantly creating a custard without any further prep necessary. Or consider tapioca pudding with a spicy, autumnal twist. What about caramels, where any cream or coconut milk could easily be swapped out for this treat instead? Though it may not succeed as a drink by itself, it certainly has enough culinary potential to warrant a place in your fridge.


Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

19 thoughts on “Blog, Interrupted

  1. Great new beverage! I definitely like your idea of using it for baking purposes. Yum!


  2. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You’ll get back into it!

    That pumpkin beverage looks yummy!


  3. I dare say I could approximate something along those lines here :). You have bloggus interuptus? That’s ok, its autumn…time to slow down and smell the rose husks before you hibernate over winter…entirely natural :)


  4. Sometimes the swing is interrupted, no sweat my friend :D
    And this drink looks super refreshing!

    Choc Chip Uru


  5. a lot of times I find those seasonal milks so crazy sweet and “viscous” (as you said), that they’re sort of undrinkable. But poured into coffee, or even just mixed half and half with plain non-dairy milk can be great. I love the french toast idea! Good luck getting your groove back… it takes some time… hugs to you


  6. You’ve gone through quite a time of it with the storm and your life being turned upside down – you’ll catch your groove back soon enough. And the photo of that drink is just stunning!


  7. Swap out “blog posts” for “emails”, and I know what you mean. I can’t seem to make the important words flow to the people who matter most – like you. All the feelings right now are stuck inside me. xoxo


  8. things will start flowing in time.. curl up and enjoy these delicious beverages:) i like the idea of using it in french toasts.. i want to make a flan with it too.. all the rain and grey in seattle has put a damper on my mood to create much.


  9. I’m kicking myself for not picking up a quart when I saw it in Whole Foods last week! sounds amazing!!


  10. Sounds like the vegan version of eggnog– waaay too rich to drink straight. Might be nice, though, cut half and half with almond or soy milk and spiked with a little something. Good luck getting your groove back– it’s strange to me how easy it is to keep going with a routine and how hard to pick it back up when I’ve had to stop for some reason.


  11. Okay that looks soooo good. Thank you for alerting us to it, and for the idea to use it with french toast. How delicious would that be!?


  12. I know what you mean about blogging breaks…I get so busy that when I do have time to blog, I feel very overwhelmed not only with writing my own posts but also catching up with other blogs.

    The drink looks delicious! I must get my hands on this. I love the seasonal non-dairy milks.


  13. This drink sure looks delicious and like the coconut milk :)
    It is true that sometime you get too much pressure from and for blogging and turned out the blogging is not enjoyable anymore…then you need to slow down…the whole purpose is to have fun…and not more stress.
    Take is easy Hannah :) and enjoy your week!


  14. Writers rut! We all get it. Maybe it is bloggers burnout or maybe I just want more time in the kitchen and less time in front of the computer. I completely understand. I think it you put a mug of this pumpkin spice coconut drink next to me by the computer, my words would start flowing…


  15. Thanks for the review! I’ve been wondering about this product.


  16. Maybe you could re-nominate it as the official beverage of Thanksgiving instead? Sounds like a good thing to gulp with rum added too. he he


  17. Oh that looks so good, I want some


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