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Months race by with a quickening pace, exaggerated by summer’s dwindling warmth and a sun that goes to bed just a little bit earlier each day. 2012 slips through my fingers just a little bit more each day, as fluid and irrepressible as water trickling out of a leaky faucet. Since this is more than a mere plumbing issue with an easy fix, it’s at least decent consolation that the runaway months frequently bring with them a new issue of VegNews to pour over and forget all about the usual over-scheduling woes. The September/October issue may be dominated by compelling recipes for all things cheesy and unbelievably dairy-free, but there’s so much more nestled into those crisp, glossy pages, too.

There’s always a need for something sweet to balance out all of those salty snacks, and Beverly Lynn Bennett‘s Chocolate Pumpkin Bread Pudding fills in that requirement with ease. Lightly spiked with bourbon and redolent of warm, comforting spices, merely popping this dish in the oven does wonders to soften the blow of a fading summer season. Simple enough for the most novice baker to excel, it’s a recipe to hang on to for the coming holiday season. Plus, when served with the suggested sticky, gooey, Salted Caramel Sauce, it’s truly a dessert to remember.

Bringing in a healthy yet hearty option, Gena Hamshaw proves that raw food needn’t be contained to only the warmest of months in order to satisfy. Savory “Meatballs” made of mushrooms, sunflower seeds, and red beets top a generous mound of zucchini noodles, all smothered in a rich sun-dried tomato Marinara Sauce. A delicious departure from the standard fatty, heavy rendition of the concept, these uncooked balls pack incredible amounts umami into tiny little flavor bombs.

For an issue like this, the best part of the job is definitely “cleaning up” when each photo shoot is all wrapped up. Keep an eye out for your copy if you’re subscriber, or venture out to the local bookstore if you’re not, because this is one you’ll want to hang on to!

22 thoughts on “Veggin’ Out with VegNews

  1. This is mean. They don’t sell VegNews where I live. Used to love it when I still lived in the US though!

  2. Chocolate Pumpkin Bread Pudding looks amazing! wonderful pictures as usual Hannah. I’ve made Belgian Chocolate and Mint Cake today…have you ever done a Bread and Butter Pudding?

  3. It sounds like went the baking route on the pudding instead of the slow cooker. I love the photo as an individual serving, and I wanted to try something like that for a bake sale taking place this Sunday. Do you think it would work to fill a muffin tin with liners to create something that would be easy to grab and munch? I know it’s not your recipe, but I would appreciate your opinion anyway. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I opted to bake these to get a prettier presentation for individual servings. I think that it should be possible to bake the pudding in cupcake papers as well, but I would definitely seek out sturdier ones that are lined with wax or foil, so that the sides can hold themselves up. Alternatively, seek out large medicine cups (like these) because those have reinforced, rigid sides. Hope that helps!

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