Back of the House: G-Zen

2 East Main Street
Branford, CT 06405

18 thoughts on “Back of the House: G-Zen

  1. Having been on the hustle side and drinking black coffee that you could stand your spoon in at 1am to ensure that I stayed awake long enough to clean the grills I feel the pain. Nowdays bumbling around in my kitchen is stressful enough for me.

    1. Thank you! I was just lucky enough to duck in and snap some photos for a homework assignment after eating dinner there one evening. It seems like a great kitchen to work in though!

    1. Well, I do already work in a fairly sedate restaurant kitchen, since we make mostly prepared foods to grab and go, and I don’t think I have it in me to work a regular shift on the line! As much as I love the energy, I really prefer to give people the tools to make food themselves, rather than make it for them.

      1. Ooh I didn’t realise you were already in the restaurant business! I like having the tools to make my own food, but if I ever end up in your restaurant, I’d much prefer an actual cake, rather than a mixing bowl, wooden spoon and some flour :)

  2. LMK when you would like to visit G-ZEN for lunch or dinner. KosherLikeMe guest blogger, Laurel Tuohy, covered it and I was JELOUS that I didn’t join her for the class she wrote about!

    1. Oh man, you can pretty much name a date and I would clear my schedule! I had such an amazing meal there, and there’s about a hundred more things I’d like to try. A class would be even better though… Do they hold them regularly? I hadn’t heard about that before.

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