Food and Fashion, Part Two

In case you missed it, click here to see part one.

Pepper Spectacles

Bowtie Buttons

Lavash Clutch

Romaine Mini Skirt

Bouquet Garni Boutineer

Orange Headphones

25 thoughts on “Food and Fashion, Part Two

  1. You’re so creative. These are brilliant. I think farfalle would make great little buttons. Maybe I’ll be turning your idea into a new project?! Painted would be cute as well as plain I think.

  2. I love this! The eyeglasses are so cute. I think the lavash handbag is the absolute best, though – I had to look twice to see what was food!
    Have you ever seen the Play With Your Food books? They create animals and very basic scenery using fruit and veggies, photograph it, and then use the pictures to narrate very simple stories. They are really clever, and my kids love them. I think you’d enjoy them.

  3. Can’t decide which one I love the most. They’re all brilliant. The ‘pita purse’ as someone else put it, is especially awesome.

  4. Those combination are simply amazing, specifically the mini skirt, but I guess I cannot wear something like that in front of other people. . I’d love to see more pics.

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