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For such a highly-regarded and lauded brand, you’d think it would be a snap to launch new flavors to an existing, successful line of products, to have them gobbled up by an eagerly waiting and hungry fan base. Well, at least half of that statement is true… Coconut Bliss ice creams have always been an easy sell, boasting organic, fair trade, and generally wholesome ingredients, but finding those frozen pints can be another matter entirely. Just as four exciting new flavors were scheduled to launch, disaster struck, and a coconut shortage meant that there wasn’t much Bliss to go around. After waiting for nearly a year and only being able to secure one of those new offerings, I decided to focus on the existing, available flavors instead of only those latest additions. Surely, there was still plenty of delicious ice cream to discover beyond those freshest flavors! Especially considering my latest cookbook venture, it seemed only fair that I get a good taste of the commercially available competition, after all.

Caramel Ginger Cookie, the one new ice cream offering I managed to get my hands on, promises great things even with a merely casual glance. An abundance of cookie pieces are swirled into each easily scooped spoonful, with a thin ribbon of caramel not far behind. Though the base is unmistakably coconut flavored, the addition was not unwelcome here, adding depth and complexity to the light vanilla essence. Rather than providing a crunch, the cookie pieces had softened to an almost cake-like consistency through their trip to the deep freeze, but the rich molasses flavor and gentle warming spices still brought a delightful contrast to the ice cream overall. If only that gooey stripe of caramel was slightly darker, tasting just slightly more burnt, it would be practically perfect.

Failing to find the Mocha Maca Crunch I so desperately craved, I turned instead to another favorite combination, found in the Mint Chip Galactica. Tiny shards of delicate chocolate flakes are strewn throughout the snowy white pint, looking for all the world like a negative photo of a galaxy of chocolate stars, instantly explaining the creative title. Cool, refreshing mint flavor carries this ice cream, tasting like fresh mint leaves without veering into more grassy notes or toothpaste territory. Bright and curiously light considering the rich coconut base, it strikes me as the perfect snack to beat the heat on a summer’s day. The chocolate stracciatella is key to the success of this ice cream, lending a subtle bitter edge that makes the combination all the more satisfying. Sweetened just enough to balance out the pint, it’s like my childhood mint chocolate chip, but all grown up.

Finally, I needed a full-fledged chocolate experience, so I dove into the Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge ice cream with abandon. Sweetened once again with a light hand, this is a strong, slightly bitter chocolate offering for mature palates. Not exactly a full-bodied, rounded chocolate flavor but a really intense cocoa instead, it still covers up the coconut flavor more thoroughly than the previous two pints, making it a more attractive option to those not so crazy about coconuts. Small pieces of hazelnut are hidden within, adding good crunch but seeming to lack in that deep, toasted flavor I craved. However, hands down, the fudge swirl makes this flavor worth a second scoop, adding a delightful gooey texture, and an extra punch of flavor every now and then. Perhaps it’s not one for the kids, but who says you would want to part with even a spoonful in the first place?

Far richer than most vegan ice creams found in the mainstream marketplace, tasting Coconut Bliss for the first time is like discovering super-premium ice cream when you’re accustomed to bulk economy quarts. Though notably pricier than many other options out there, a smaller scoop is likely sufficient to satisfy even the most voracious sweet tooth, so it all evens out with careful portioning. That is, if you can resist the strong temptation to indulge in just a bit more Bliss.

34 thoughts on “Blissfully Delicious

  1. yes, the chocolate shot is amazing, so deliciously tempting!

    I think I’ve tried pretty much every flavor, I’ve been lucky enough to find them all at one place or another.. the ginger cookie is one of my favorites, also the chocolate walnut brownie.. I love chunks and chews and swirly things going on in my ice creams :)

    and it’s definitely the richest of all the vegan ice creams, maybe even richer than dairy ice cream.. I admit I will typically finish off a pint of So Delicious in a sitting, but about two thirds of the way through Coconut Bliss I’m feeling like its a bit much lol

  2. I have to echo the previous comments about the photos — especially the chocolate ice cream on chocolate bars. Dark brown isn’t the easiest color to shoot.

    My favorite flavor is mint chip galactica — when I can find it. That’s the only flavor I need. Perfect.

  3. AMAZING photos. Clearly mine need a lot of work…lol. Thanks for the review too! Now that I know they are worth the money, I might shell out some money next time I’m paid!

  4. Hannah, can you go back to doing less advertising? I feel its all a bit much. I used to love your blog, but lately its become more of a catalog than anything else.

    1. I’m sorry that you feel that way. I’m not doing any advertising because I haven’t been paid to share my opinions. I just wanted to share about products I’ve tried and enjoy. I can’t possibly post 3 recipes per week anymore, now that I have multiple jobs to juggle. The only way to keep posting is to change up the content a bit, so that I can still have time to share recipes for free, too.

      1. I want to back Hannah up here, we did not pay for this review. However we are in love with her photos we are starting a conversation with her about paying her to take more drool worthy photos of our products.

  5. I can’t get this brand here…. well, I’m not too much of an ice-cream person (toooo cold, especially in the winter – I really only like it on VERY hot days), but I have to say these look yum. Specially the Mint Chip one. But that might be because my favourite ice-cream flavour as a child was “Straciatella” (=chocolate chip).

    Will there be a chocolate chip recipe in your book Hannah?

    1. There won’t be a straight-up chocolate chip ice cream in the book, but there is a French vanilla which could be turned into a straciatella ice cream, a Double Chocolate Fudge Chunk Ice Cream that could be simplified into a chocolate chocolate chip, and a fresh mint that could have chips added to it. Plenty of options depending on what sort of base you want! :)

  6. I love Coconut Bliss! Their cherry amaretto flavor is my favorite. I agree that while it is expensive, the full flavor makes it possible to stop after a few spoonfuls. My local grocery store wasn’t carrying Coconut Bliss until I asked them, and so they’re pretty limited in terms of flavors available. I look forward to checking out these new options when I’m in a grocery store with a larger selection.

  7. I laughed when you said it’s not one for the kids…my mom used to buy ice cream flavours that none of us kids liked…I’m guessing deliberately. You gotta have your own snacks, even as a mom, right?

  8. I love the Coconut Bliss products too! I haven’t seen the Mint Chip Galactica flavor but mint chocolate chip has always been a favorite of mine so I think it would be right up my alley. Love your gorgeous photos, Hannah!

  9. Hi Hannah, thanks so much for the stunning post! All of us are drooling over your photo’s and descriptions. I don’t crave our products often but I had to have a bowl of Ginger Cookie Caramel today.
    Thanks again!

  10. yumm.. i need to try that caramel ginger.. the pictures are absolutely stunning.. i am craving an icecream sitting near the fireplace in a thick as if i need any more cold around:)

  11. Why haven’t I seen these flavors before? They look incredible! I loved having little extra goodies mixed in with the ice cream. Now I have to make a special trip to the store just to look for these flavors. :-)

  12. You made those ice creams look very appealing! how did you photograph them when they melt so easily! My favourite photo is of the chocolate hazelnut ice cream! well done girl!

  13. Hannah, just to make things clear, I really love your blog, I just find all the products a little overwhelming is all. I’m 14 year old vegan who lives in the UK, so pretty much all of these products are unavalible to me. Your recipes and pictures are amazing and your blog was the first blog i stumbled apon when becoming vegan. Sorry about that. Ignore me.

    1. No no, it may not sound like it from my response, but I do appreciate your honesty! I try really hard to present unbiased opinions on only brands I think are worth supporting, so I was concerned that anyone might think otherwise. I will of course keep posting as many recipes and photos as I can outside of reviews, and I hope you’ll stick around for them. :) Thanks for chiming in.

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