Raising the Sushi Bar

Coordinating shared meals can be tough enough with just one or two family members, but when everyone’s home at the dinner hour at once, it can be nearly impossible. Greatly disparate tastes define us, ranging from the fairly healthy vegan (hi there!) to the vegetable-hating omnivore, making it challenging to get a universally agreeable meal on the table, to say the least. In a pinch there is at least one safe haven where we can all find something good to eat, however: The sushi bar.

Topping this list of “must order” items is edamame. Those young soy beans are one of the only green edibles that said vegetable-hater will actually consume, and even willingly most times! Trust me, that’s a big deal in our household. Thus, a big bowl of edamame always graces our table, to be shared communally.

Vegetable gyoza are another staple found on most menus, and what’s not to like about chewy wonton skin stretched around a savory filling? Steamed or fried, plump parcels or dainty half-moons, even bad gyoza are pretty darn good.

And of course, the main event, the sushi. There’s so much more than just the standard cucumber and avocado, but there’s nothing wrong with those reassuring staples either. Nigiri is usually off the menu for me, but hey, when it’s made of this much fiber, it’s got to be vegan!

Tiny sushi bar pattern by Anna Hrachovec

23 thoughts on “Raising the Sushi Bar

  1. Hanna, you’re a genius with yarn! Omg I can barely knit and pearl! A quilter dreaming of being as good a knitter someday! I do love to knit and felt though!

    1. I used to sell my crafts occasionally, but now my schedule doesn’t allow for regular crocheting or knitting. Most of what makes it on the blogs will have been long since given away as gifts, as is the case with these tiny sushi.

  2. Spotted this post on Craftgawker and had to pop over and say you gave me a giggle! Very high in fiber indeed! (Also, very cute! Great job. :D)

  3. Super cute!

    I love sushi, and there’s a place right near my house that has vegan tempura, so there are tons of options for both vegan-me and notsovegan-hubby!

  4. This is so so cute,
    You really art so creative and amazingly talented.

    Nice job with these knitted food <3

    I started to knit not long ago, and just bought a complete Knit Pro kit, with circular needles, and I really want to be able to do some nice things too.

    I already started with classic needles (metal and straight), a teacup sleeve, a tiny purse, a cupcake, ankle warmers.

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