Flax or Fiction?

In a sea of greatly varied non-dairy milk options, it’s hard not to play favorites. When the best can rank even better than the original cow creations, and the worst can taste like putrid dish water, it helps to be discerning. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m not exactly a fan of rice milk, so Good Karma isn’t a brand typically on my radar. Producing only rice milk and rice milk frozen desserts, it simply never caught my interest… Until now. Branching out into the world of flax, their latest and succinctly named offering of Flax Milk ventures out into new territory. One of only two flax beverages on the market, it’s not one I can find locally yet, but ever since sampling the Vanilla and Unsweetened varieties, I’ve been desperately scouring the shelves for my next fix.

Appropriately anonymous and well-suited to cooking and baking, the unsweetened “milk” is good, but I would be hard pressed to come up with a rave about something that excels at tasting mild. However, the Vanilla is another story. Not particularly thick but far from the watery mess I had feared, this flax beverage is surprisingly smooth and creamy. Accentuated with a light sweetness, it’s highly drinkable, and practically begging for a rich chocolate cookie alongside as an accompaniment. A very impressive and respectable non-dairy milk indeed, I would happily purchase this one frequently for my everyday smoothies… if only I could find it!

Also new to the Good Karma line-up is their rice-based coffee creamer. Highly skeptical, to say the least, but undeniably intrigued, I simply had to try what is currently the only existing rice milk creamer on the market. Sure there’s plenty of soy and coconut options now, but rice could provide those with allergies and coconut-adverse tastes a whole new lease on lightened coffee life.

Just like the previous beverages, I was shocked at how good all three flavors (Original, Vanilla, and Hazelnut) were. Near flawless, in fact; I’d even venture to say that they’re better than the typical vegan creamers I had been using. Much thicker than the competition, like heavy cream, each bottle contained a luscious, silky-smooth liquid entirely richer and more satisfying that I could have anticipated. Fatty in the best way possible, it added volumes of depth to any average latte.

I generally prefer my coffee black though, so where this creamer really shined in my eyes was when it made it into the savory side of the kitchen. Using the unsweetened, original flavor in my Straight-Up Scramble brought this simple staple to life. I found myself making many more scrambles all month, right up until the bottle went dry. Don’t even get me started on the ice creams it churned out… It feels mean to tease about such decadent treats.

In a stunning coup, Good Karma has changed my mind on what rice, and flax, is capable of. If only they could get their products into more mainstream markets, they’d be an unstoppable force of non-dairy drinks!

35 thoughts on “Flax or Fiction?

  1. I am in search of a good coffee creamer- I have tried a few and the only one I like is soy.I like the lactose free ones by International Delight but something in them doesn’t like me:-(
    Where can I get Good Karma products? Or can it be ordered online??


    1. As far as I know, they’re currently only being sold at Walmart stores, but have an eye towards further distribution in the near future. Hopefully the flax milk and rice creamer should hit standard grocery stores sometime within 2012, as far as I understand the situation.

  2. Your review is quite timely for me – I just noticed Flax Milk at the grocery store and was intrigued but wary. Like you, I can’t stand the wateriness of rice milk, so I was hesitant to shell out for what I assumed would be a disappointing milk. Now that I know I was mistaken, I’ll have to give it a try! :)

  3. Have you tried the rice creamer in ice cream yet? Now I’m curious. I had swore off rice products so long ago, that I wouldn’t even know if this brand was available near me.

    1. Yes! I think that using the rice creamer instead of soy/coconut creamer when called for in recipes made an even richer ice cream than usual. It was incredible, especially with the vanilla flavor, too. I highly recommend it for ice cream, if nothing else!

  4. I’ve seen these and been intrigued. But I have to know, do they taste like flax? I know even the slightest flax taste would freak me out!

    1. They do have a slight flax-like flavor, but only in the best way possible. Slightly nutty, buttery, toasted flavors, not grassy or bitter at all, if that’s what you’re worried about.

      Thanks for the heads-up about Wegmans! Definitely a good sign that they’re spreading, but too bad there aren’t any of those around here, either.

      1. Thanks Hannah. I too was afraid of the fishy thing. Your review has convinced me to give these a try…and keep an eye out for the creamer!

  5. Hi Hanna, I have a friend who is lactose intolerant who will be happy to know there are more choices for her. I would add some caution to heating anything with flax oil in it as it destroys the Omega 3s, otherwise, it sounds like a great add-in for smoothies or anything cold. Thanks for the post, I am sending it to my friend right now.

  6. That coffee creamer pretty much looks like a dream come true – and photographed so beautifully! Suddenly the black coffee I’m sipping seems super boring. . .

  7. Hmmm intriguing! I never thought of how flax could be turned into a “milk” product. I recently tried coconut milk creamer and unfortunately found it wayyy too sweet, but I do like the Silk original soy creamer.

    The second photo is amazing btw!

  8. I do not think I had the chance to try Flax seed milk, but the pictures make me want to !

    I am a bit curious about how you managed to take the second picture ? For the color blend at the bottom of the glass, and pouring the liquid while taking the picure. Would you mind giving a hint of explanation or you may want to keep it secret :) ?

  9. Oh I’m all for finding new coffee creamers! I currently use unsw. soymilk, which has been the best so far, but I’d like to get away from using soy if I can. Love almond milk, but not in my coffee, and I don’t like coconut flavor in my coffee. So this seems perfect. Now…..where is it? :)

  10. flax milk that is awesome, we will have to trying make some at home. great idea. I just hate how they always put evaporated cane juice in drinks. wish they left that out and let people add in their own sweeteners.

  11. “In a sea of greatly varied non-dairy milk options”? Yeah. More like “In a puddle that barely comes up to my pinky toe”.


  12. I’m a diehard almond milk drinker but I think I could give it a break for a day or so to try these new options! I hope they come to stores soon!

  13. I’ve tried the flax milk, it’s great.. unsweetened almond milk is my staple, but I’d probably choose the flax as my second go-to.. and I believe it’s just been rolled out at several Whole Foods Markets, so it should be a little easier to track down..

    as for the coffee creamer, Good Karma actually said it’s already been discontinued.. I was so disappointed, I had only just heard about it a few weeks ago and it’s already going away.. they said it wasn’t selling well enough to continue it

    1. Really? I’m very surprised to hear that, because they’re still marketing the creamer, and said nothing to me when I passed along my review. Is there any chance that it’s just the particular store that you bought it at will no longer stock it? Or did you hear this directly from Good Karma? It would be such a shame to lose this already!

  14. flax milk…I love flax. I can imagine that would be seriously good. I shall hunt some down. May even melt some chocolate to mix in it too…with a cheeky sprinkle of cacao nibs…

  15. I’m surprised about the flax milk… since all I can picture is using ground flax seeds to sub for eggs… and help thicken things up… I’d be worried the “milk” would be rock solid! Guess that’s not the case though, very cool!

  16. i keep trying to find creamers that will work with the highly spiced masala india teas that we drink everyday.. and there are hardly any that work really well. i think i should give this flaxy or rice one a try.. now to try to find some!

    1. Yes, I think this sort of creamer would definitely do this trick- I thought it was excellent paired with strong chai tea as well!

      I just wanted to let you know, lest you thought I wasn’t visiting any more, that I can’t seem to comment on your blog. The spam filter endlessly tells me “The characters you entered didn’t match the word verification. Please try again.” I’m certain the words match, and I keep entering new strings, and nothing works. :(

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