Moving Right Along

…Is it safe to come out now? Has the Thanksgiving madness come and gone for another year? Thank goodness, it passed without too much fuss or duress around here, and for that, I am truly thankful.

Now that we’re over that hurdle, there’s nothing standing between us and full-blown winter holiday immersion. Decorations and wrapping may have been pushed to a prominent place in stores since Halloween, but now we can finally stop ignoring them- There’s no longer any shame in diving head-first into that sea of iridescent tinsel. It’s my favorite time to cook and bake, when diets don’t even factor in and everyone eats with abandon, simply enjoying the festive foods on offer. Desserts can be desserts, not healthy desserts or breakfast-like desserts (although they may very well be on the menu first thing in the morning, too) and extravagant ingredients can be just par for the course.

If ever there was an easy show-stopper of a treat for the holidays, for me, it would have to be a rum cake. Doused with spirits and emboldened with light spices, I have fond memories of picking moist crumbs off of empty serving plates as I carried them back to the kitchen. Under the guise of being a helpful child, I was really after those leftover scraps.

This year, I gave the traditional bundt a cloak of chocolate, transforming it into a downright fudgy mountain of gently boozy cake. Dotted with sizable chunks of candied ginger, every bite is a little bit different.

Sorry to be a tease, but my Chocolate Rum Bundt recipe can be found in the new November/December issue of Joy of Kosher. Keep an eye on the website though, because they often generously share the recipes after a certain time of having the magazine on the news stands.

I’m certainly in the holiday spirit now! How about you?

13 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. Well you can enjoy but I still have to wait another week! We celebrate Sinterklaas which is on December 5th. More a children’s thing then anything else but still… A whole week more to go!

  2. The only rum cake I’ve ever had was one of the ones you can get in the Caribbean…but yours looks way more legit. (And by legit I mean awesome.)

  3. I’m more in a state of panic about how much I have to get done at work before the office closes, how my weekends are already all booked until Christmas, and how much I need sleep to truly be in the holiday spirit… but baking helps :) I’ll try to follow your happy lead soon!

  4. looks amazing! I have to tell you – I made your rootbeer float cupcakes today, and they were just devine. The most fun was watching everyone’s faces as they ate them. Or maybe the most fun was the leftover ganache….sort of a tie really :)

  5. I agree — I love the fact that there’s no more need to try to come up with “healthy” desserts, hide the fact that I’m listening to holiday music, and pretend not to be interested in the holiday displays, lol! So happy the holidays are here. :) The cake is really gorgeous, candied ginger is a fantastic addition!

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