Delicious World

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It began as my midterm project, but may become a photo series to be continued. Which is your favorite, and which would you like to see next? (For anyone who’s curious, I got an A-!)

58 thoughts on “Delicious World

  1. They all look awesome! I love the contrast between all the colours! Is that homemade mozza in the last one? It looks super delicious!

  2. These are great! I love the chili pepper one the most. It looks most natural. Are you still in school!?

  3. Your photography is outstanding, Hannah! Way to go.

    Now I’m going to do something my father used to do to me when I’d come home with a 98% on an exam: Only an A-? Why not an A?! No, seriously, though, that’s fantastic, but you should have gotten an A ;) Congratulations, and thanks for sharing!

  4. These are amazing, Hannah!! So clever and beautiful. I love them all, but I think Italy is my fave.

  5. Fantastic! I would love to have been a photo class with you… what a great series. I’m really drawn to those stray pieces of rice in the Japan photo. You should do India!!

  6. Oh wow. Hannah that is awesome! Such an inventive idea! My favorite is the Japanese flag…then again I’m a sucker for all things sushi.

  7. Ooh! I love them. Especially the Japanese flag as others have said. You have a knack of making everything gorgeous so I’d like to see more next but don’t care which ones!

  8. Love, love, love the Japan sushi flag! Definitely would like to see you continue the series… I would love to see what you might do for a Vietnam flag. :)

  9. Congrats on the awesome grade! They’re all beautiful, but I like the composition best on the candy one and the chili peppers pic. Those two really caught my eye.

  10. The peppers are my favorite — the curves of the plate and the peppers, the straight lines on the cloth and the echoing reds and yellows.

  11. Italy looks the most delicious. I wish Japan’s sun could be bigger and redder, but I don’t think there’s a veggie that would be appropriate. Anyway, all the flags are very clever. Would you try Sweden?

  12. I love them. I love the unique textures and intense colors of the foods you’ve used. You’ve really captured the identiy of the countries. I’d love to see Canada or Mecixo or Switzerland. Any of them could be quite fun to experiment with.

  13. this is SO beautiful!!!!

    can You do something for Brazil, with brazilian food? I sugest to use bananas for the yellow! :)

  14. These are ALL great!! can’t pick a favorite though I do like the indian and pakistani one (being Indian myself)…great job…you deserve an A+++++ =D

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