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Presents for Procrastinators


Online shopping may have its limitations, namely in speedy delivery when you’re in a time crunch, but I still would feel remiss if I didn’t give a few last suggestions for some more unique treats, found over the great interweb. No chance of getting your goodies before the 25th, you say? This is why IOU’s were invented! And what’s better than receiving that one last gift days after the holiday has ended, thus extending the festivities even further? It’s all a matter of how you look at it.

First up is MacaSure Chocolat, an elegantly wrapped but fairly unassuming little chocolate bar. Lest you think is is just another dime-a-dozen slab of cacao, take a closer look and you’ll see that it’s the perfect gift for superfood fiends. 70% cacao infused with a potent dose of maca root, it claims to reduce stress and increase libido, among other nice side benefits. An attractive offering for one’s significant other simply based on the hype, what I was most interested in however was taste. Happily, flavor doesn’t take a backseat to nutrition, as this cleanly molded bar provides a satisfying snap as soon as it hits the teeth, and though slightly grainy, does melt slowly over the tongue. Complex and sophisticated, the flavor profile falls more on the bitter side of cacao, but has just enough sweetness to keep it from going over the edge. Slightly smoky, with woodsy undertones, it’s a taste that definitely grows on me as I eat it, and I found myself craving another bar by the time I finished. An easy romantic gesture, it might make for a sweet little stocking stuffer to the one you love.

Chocolate a bit too decadent for your recipients’ tastes? Well, for the health nut in your life, few things could be better than a gift certificate to Me & Goji, a make-you-own cereal service based online. Totally overwhelmed by options, I could hardly decide what to put into my mix; Just pick your fancy and it’s bound to be there, from nuts to fruits to goodies of all varieties, you can even choose flakes over oats, wheat squares or cereal O’s. Though cereal may sound like a lame gift on the surface, trust me, I was in crunchy-granola heaven making my mix! And for ultimate customization power, you can even supply your own photo for the box. Best yet is their customer service, always ready to spring into action and help out, or generously send you a whole new mix if yours isn’t up to expectations. This is one accommodating idea that allows your special someones to get exactly what they want.

If you’re seeking pure, unrestrained sweetness, I’ve saved quite possibly the best for last. Soft, chewy caramels, like slowly melting pillows of sweetness, are perhaps the ultimate holiday candy. Vegan versions are difficult to come by, and even harder to perfect when it comes to nailing that luxurious texture. Well, the folks at JJ’s Sweets have cracked the code, substituting coconut milk for the traditional heavy cream, and creating something even greater than the sum of its parts. Cocomels, available in Original, Vanilla, Fleur de Sel, and Java, are a treat for even the most discerning candy connoisseur. Upon first bite, delicate notes of burnt sugar lead, followed by rich coconut flavor, balancing out the intense sweetness beautifully. Each flavor is truly crave-worthy, but I might pick the fleur de sel as a personal favorite. That light sprinkle of flaky salt just made all of the flavors “pop,” and I might even venture to say that it was the best caramel I’ve ever tasted, vegan or not. Now, if only I could get some sea salt on the java cocomels, that would be a match made in candy heaven!

Lastly, should all else fail, nothing says “happy holidays” like a tried and true cookbook. The print version of My Sweet Vegan has just celebrated its 3rd birthday, but in case you haven’t jumped on board with the text yet, you can now enjoy it digitally! Available in ebook form through Google Books, iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and Kobo Books, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Choosing from presents as special as these, you would be easily forgiven for handing them out a day or two late!


Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

20 thoughts on “Presents for Procrastinators

  1. Fabulous last-minute ideas!! As a procrastinator myself (a proud one at that, haha ;) ), I appreciate this.


  2. Thanks for the cereal company link! That sounds great!

    Also, small typo in that paragraph: cUstomer service :)


  3. These are some truly excellent suggestions! I’m a big fan of Me and Goji, and those caramels look amazing! Hope you have a happy holidays, Hannah!


  4. Thank you for tasting and reviewing our Cocomels! I’m really glad you like our little candy invention, we certainly share your sentiments. Regular caramels just don’t have that pizazz for me anymore. Next time we’ll have to send you some of our newer chocolate-covered Cocomels, I think you’ll really enjoy those… maybe as we get close to Valentines day. Thanks again and have a great holiday. JJ


  5. I love MacaSure! Also, I’ve been dying to try the Cocomels line and the Me & Goji cereals. Clearly, this is an excellent list!

    Happy birthday to My Sweet Vegan!


  6. Great suggestions.. I really want to try that chocolate bar!


  7. Those caramels sound particularly tasty. I can think of a bunch of people who would love those soft treats. Thanks for all of the links.


  8. I really wish I could do a lot more online shopping. But I don’t have a debit card (under 18 still) and so I’m unable to do it by myself.

    As for the chocolate, I would be happy to recieve that in MY christmas stocking! Haha.


  9. I want to try that MacaSure….sounds interesting!


  10. *sigh* Oh, for the future-day of international shipping being ubiquitous… How I’d love the MacaSure!


  11. oh that chocolate looks perfect!


  12. Food gifts are always the best. Those cocomels are intriguing heading off to the site now to investigate


  13. Great suggestions…I specially like the make your own cereal :-)


  14. Your title so spoke to me. It’s been unfortunately appropriate this year. Congrats on the three year anniversary of your book. That’s incredibly exciting and well deserved.

    Oh and as a random side note, I came across your white chocolate recipe the other day and I’ve been thinking of testing it out with some coconut milk powder when I get back from my parents house after the holidays. Your recipe sounds genius and I cannot wait.


  15. I’m dying to try those Cocomels, they sound amazing!


  16. Brilliant post! I love the ideas for last minute Christmas presents. So glad I stumbled across your blog. xo


  17. Hi, congrats on having your blog featured on the Foodie Blogroll! Your blog is great! :>)


  18. Congrats on the 3rd anni of your book! And I love that it’s available in electronic form now, too. All of these look delicious, and I’d love to get any of them in my stocking. Great list.


  19. MMMMmmmmm. You sold me on that chocolate bar, I love grainy and woodsy, as long as it’s not too bitter. Did you ever have a chance to try that Fine & Raw Mesquite bar? Boy would I love to know how to make that! Anyway, Happy Holidays Hannah!
    Eco Mama


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