What’s Baking, Cupcake?

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Bakers can be the hardest people to find gifts for. Cookbooks may be taken as an insult, bake ware may end up as unnecessary clutter, and homemade edibles seem like they could never live up to their high standards. However, if you’re of a more crafty temperament, then it’s easy to sidestep this problem. Homemade gifts are easily the best sort, so instead of channeling that creativity into an over-sized, itchy sweater, try whipping up a set of potholders that are shaped like cupcakes!

Even if the recipient isn’t big on baking, perhaps these enticing kitchen accessories might inspire them to get in there and start making good use of their oven. It’s a win-win sort of gift; They get a lovely and useful tool, and you get the sweets that result from their use!

Recently published in Melisser Elliott’s The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life, I’ve been waiting to share this pattern for over a year now, and am thrilled to finally post it here as well. Now get crafting- The holidays are almost upon us and everyone will want a pair of these cute potholders!

Cupcake Potholders

Cake (Make 4):

With an F hook and brown or tan worsted weight cotton yarn, ch 25
Row 1: (WS) dc in second ch from hook, dc in next 4 chs, sc in remaining chs. Ch1, turn (24sc)
Row 2: (RS) sc in each st across. Ch1, turn
Row 3: Working in back loops only, dc in next 5 sts, sc in remaining sts.  Ch1, turn
Rows 4-27: repeat rows 2 and 3.
Tie off.


Row 1: With frosting color and RS facing, attach yarn with a sc to the widest edge – right corner. Evenly space 34 sc total along the top edge. Ch1, turn. (34)
Row 2: Sc twice into one st, sc until the last st, sc twice into one.  Ch1, turn. (36)
Row 3: Sc twice into one st, sc until the last st, sc twice into one.  Ch1, turn. (38)
Row 4: Sc twice into one st, sc until the last st, sc twice into one.  Ch1, turn. (40)
Rows 5 – 8: Sc across. Ch1, turn
Row 9: Sc2tog twice, sc until the last 4 sts, sc2tog twice. Ch1, turn. (36)
Row 10: Sc2tog, sc until last 2 sts, sc2tog. Ch1, turn. (34)
Rows 11 and 12: Sc2tog twice, sc until the last 4 sts, sc2tog twice. Ch1, turn. (26)
Rows 13 – 16: Sc2tog, sc until last 2 sts, sc2tog. Ch1, turn. (18)
Row 17 and 18: Sc2tog twice, sc until the last 4 sts, sc2tog twice. Ch1, turn. (10)
Row 19: Sl st 4 times, switch to red yarn, and begin the cherry

Row 20: Ch 12, sl st into the next open st in the frosting. Ch1, turn. (12)
Row 21: Hdc into each st. Sl st back into the frosting. Tie off, and bury the ends of the yarn.

Repeat with all four cake pieces.

To assemble, sew two sides together using a whip stitch around.  Repeat with the other two sides.

Printable Pattern

66 thoughts on “What’s Baking, Cupcake?

  1. OMG it’s soooooooooo cuuuuuuuuute !

    I do not know but I want to learn knitting.
    You’re really talented, you do wonderful things.

  2. I just read the reviews of her book and am impressed. I’m a vegan wannabe…mostly vegetarian at the moment and this looks like an awesome handbook. Love the cupcake potholders – that’s a great picture of them, too! I don’t knit but I have a sister who does…guess I’ll be throwing out some hints her way.

  3. oh congrats to Heather, you lucky girl! This weekend I was very happy to find my dear friend Tracy has her soap listed in Melisser’s book. How cool is that? So let’s see, Hannah, Melisser and Tracy, a trifecta of awesomeness! These pot holders are so adorable, I would probably be afarid to ruin them! (:

  4. That is so true Hannah. Your cupcake potholder looks gorgeous. If only I had that talent. should have paid attention when my cousin was trying to teach me and my sister knitting. My sister got it but I never figured it out. Love the color combination.

  5. The potholders look like so much fun! Too bad my crochet skills are limited to scarves :) Perhaps I’ll figure out what all the codes mean and give it a try.

  6. Aww girl these are the cutest! I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that some of my knitting friends will somehow come across this (not that I’ll email it to them or anything…) and make me these!

  7. I’m going to forward this to my housemate… just yesterday she asked what I wanted for Christmas ;) (and she knits, whereas I cross-stitch, you see!)

  8. Ack, I’m a knitter, but you’re making me want to learn crochet! These are so cute, and a perfect gift for a friend of mine.

  9. Yeah!! Cupcake stuff!! I totally want to have a cupcake theme in my kitchen ‘one day’ – I’m getting there! These cupcake potholders are too awesome and are going on the ‘list’ right now! Thank you for sharing your incredible talent!

  10. I love those cupcakes. I want my Mom to teach me how to crochet and knit. However right now I am big time into quilting. But these cupcakes make me want to learn right now.

  11. I’m not gonna lie, I’m no baker (minus bread) but those are amazing looking and who doesnt need pot holders? Can never seem to find one when you need it most! Great stuff

  12. They are so cute! I am not crafty that way so couldn’t make them myself but could share the pattern with someone else. (Or use them to bake edible cupcakes. . . more my style!) ;)

  13. First – Congrats Heather! You’re so lucky. I wanted that book.

    Second – I can only wish I had that kind of talent. I used to crochet but have forgot how to even form a chain. What great little gifts for the holidays.

  14. I was looking for something fun for the kitchen to crochet for my friend for Christmas. I came across your pattern and fell totally in love with it. My friend is into making cupcakes at the present time, so these potholders will make a fantastic gift. Thanks for the pattern!

  15. I LOVE these—they ar adorable!! I have a niece getting married who loves to bake so I am mking these as part of a shower gift to her. My dilemma is, are there directions for the cherry? I did not dee any posted so am I just to chain some stitches and attach to the frosting? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for the wonderful patterns!!!

    1. WOW! I found it!!! I kept reading ot over and over and when I finally got to the spot where I had to start the cherry, I figured it out; it wss there the whole time. I learned a lesson today–as an experienced crocheter, I STILL should go back and reread directions; answers are there most of the time.
      Thanks again!

  16. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing this wonderful pattern. I can’t wait to get crocheting.

  17. I’m making this now and I’m almost done! I love it and I’m sure I’ll be making many many more of them. Works up quick and looks great. I used sugar n cream potpourr for the cake and sugar n cream violet stripes for the frosting. For the strawberry on top I used strawberry scented sugar and cream. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  18. I started making one side and it is ENORMOUS! Not sure if I maybe read the pattern wrong? But one finished side was as big as about a 12 inch frying pan. Not sure why you would want pot holders that big….unless I made a mistake! But now I modified the pattern and only chained 15 to begin with and it’s looking like a more normal size.

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