Hungry for the Holidays

As much as I want to tell myself that Thanksgiving is still months away, and I still become alarmed when the subject of Christmas comes up, the truth is that I’ve actually had a head start on the holidays. In fact, all things considered, I’ve already eaten more than one Thanksgiving dinner! No, it wasn’t because I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, but because I was tasked with the weighty duty of preparing and photographing a number of dishes for the VegNews Holiday E-Cookbook. Come mid October, I had quite the harvest feast on my hands; all vegan, all incredibly delicious, and all to myself. Open up this handy guide to holiday cooking and you can expect to find mains, desserts, and everything in between, such as…

Pumpkin Seed Battered “Chicken” with Cranberry Cabernet Sauce

Seitan Roulade with Oyster Mushroom Stuffing

Dark Forest Trifle with Coconut Custard

Plus many more, of course.  Additionally, you can find my White Gingerbread recipe in the dessert section as well, in case you missed it two years ago! Just having that lovely loaf baking away in the oven, filling your whole house with the scent of sweet spices, is sure to get you in a festive mood.

So, do you have the menu for your grand vegan thanksgiving banquet planned out yet?

40 thoughts on “Hungry for the Holidays

  1. Hannah, seriously, these pics are breathtaking. i may have never commented on this blog yet but i’m a long-time subscriber. these pics inspire me to do something amazing for thanksgiving this year. thanks for the inspiration

  2. Oh, wow. Pumpkin-seed crusted chicken? Amazing. When is the e-cookbook out??
    Thanksgiving is going to be bigger than usual this year but luckily my mom makes a lot of vegan sides. I’m thinking I’ll make a vegetable tart and perhaps now mozy on over to check out your white gingerbread recipe…

  3. Yum, that looks great, especially the trifle! Since it’s just the husband and I for Thanksgiving we ususally go pretty simple, we’re thinking of trying that new stuffed Gardein thing this year :)

  4. Oh wow, all of that looks so good! I always say i’ll try to make something new for Thanksgiving, then get pulled back to my old favorites. But I think for once I might really try something new!

  5. Well, I didn’t have anything planned yet but now I want to make that pumpkin seed battered chicken. And I don’t want to wait until Thanksgiving, I want to make it now. It looks so good! :-)

  6. I can’t even begin to think about the holidays yet! Oy. Everything looks fantastic though and I’d be so happy to see this at my Thanksgiving table…way happier than I’ll be to see the turkey that will surely be there…

  7. That first picture is making me so hungry! Love the vibrant green broccoli… whoever gets to enjoy meals with you for the holidays is sooo lucky!
    Eco Mama

  8. Everything looks SO good! Wow!
    I usually have a Tofurkey every year, but I’ve been intrigued by a new Field Roast product I’ve been reading about…think I’m gonna try and get my hands on one!

  9. Ah, but here in Australia Thanksgiving is months away! Months of never away, actually! ;)

    I’d be willing to argue with my parents that we need to celebrate another country’s national day just so I can have vegan trifle and white gingerbread, though…

  10. It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is less than 3 weeks away! I don’t have anything planned for it yet. In fact, I don’t even know whose house we’re going to! How did it get to be the holidays again already?!

    That trifle looks mind-blowingly good!

  11. Hannah – this is exquisite. It sings of celebration and coming together. I am not vegan, but cook mroe and vegetarian and vegan for health, for love, for the earth. Your blog is such a grand find.

  12. This is all gorgeous! I am still trying to determine what I will be making/taking to the church Thanksgiving pot luck. I need to talk it over with the monkey and see what he would like for me to make for him. :) I am leaning towards a gluten free stuffing of some sort and a dessert that he can have as well.

  13. Once again, your photos are absolutely stunning! Black Forest cake was my favorite when I was little, so that trifle is just calling to me!

  14. I think I might skip the holidays. I can’t believe they’re almost here, I’m a bit … overwhelmed?
    I was thinking of making a roasted pumpkin ‘fondue’ (filled with slices of a baugette, cheese- I guess you could do vegan cheese – and mushroom broth), wild mushroom soup IF I do Thanksgiving.

  15. Haven’t even thought about it, yet…it’s approaching waaaaay too fast for me! All of these recipes look delicious and doable but the one that I’m really going to have to try immediately is the trifle. Wow, that’s my kind of dessert.

  16. Oh wow everything looks SO good!! I wish I could have been sitting in your kitchen being a recipe taster for all this delicious Thanksgiving food. ;)

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