Give Peas a Chance

Pardon my silence- The heat, the homework, and the deadlines are all starting to get to me, and I’ve been short on words these days. Hopefully, a couple extra photos might begin to make up for it.

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For starters, why don’t you try on this new wallpaper for size? It’s perfectly summery and green, just right for a fresh, new August. Not to mention, I’d much rather sit and shell fresh peas for hours than endure these torturous final exams. Procrastination? You bet! But meditative and quite tasty, at the very least.

27 thoughts on “Give Peas a Chance

  1. Great photo, just what I was looking for to set as my background! I wish peas were still in season around here.

  2. The photo is soo pretty, and crisp- if that makes sense :P
    Good luck with your exams! And they’ll be over before you know it!

  3. Oh my is that pretty! I would much rather ogle YOUR shelled peas than shell my own…or take final exams. MEGA procrastination.

  4. You know, for once I can resist moping about the fact that our seasons are opposite, because it’s *just* starting to get a bit nicer here. Sure, it’s still technically winter, and there was yucky rain all weekend, but at least I feel like I’m getting closer to fresh peas these days…

    Good luck with your assignments and tasks – you’ll be stellar!

  5. That really is adorable. I love peas. It amazes me that I ever didn’t enjoy them as a child because now I get postively giddy when they arrive at the farmers’ market. I find sitting around an shelling peas to be SO relaxing. I just wish I had a front porch to do it on.

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