Busy, Busy Bee

We’re in the home stretch now, with only one week of finals and schoolwork ahead, it’s just a matter of holding my breath a little bit longer before I reach the surface.  My brain is rather fried, to say the least, so I still have no great words of knowledge to share, despite the overwhelming backlog of recipes I’ve begun to accumulate.  All in due time, right?  The summer is still far from over.

In other news, My Sweet Vegan is now available for download online, for either Kindle or iPad! I have neither, but it sounds like a pretty darn spiffy proposition. Now you can get all of the recipes for a greatly reduced price, and carry them with you to where ever you may bake!

The VegNews 2010 Veggie Awards are live, and remarkably, I have been nominated in three whole categories- Favorite Cookbook Author, Favorite Blog, and Favorite Column (My Sweet Vegan.) While I’m not deluding myself into thinking I have a chance of winning against such esteemed talents, I would still be very grateful if you wanted to cast just one vote for me, at least for this humble little blog.

Have you heard of the cookbook project, ThinkFood, that bloggers from all over have collaborated to create? Well, I was one of them! If you can’t wait for the hard copies to be available, sou can find my recipe for Superfood Fudge Pops, along with many other smart sweets and savories, on the website.

Finally, after all of this frenetic activity, I’m looking forward to a real bona fide vacation starting on the 15th; a family road trip around Europe. Posting will continue to be sporadic, but I promise to take and share as many photos along the way as possible, don’t tune out! We’ll be stopping in Weisbaden, Munich, Cochem, and Cologne in Germany, in addition to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Amsterdam. Any suggestions on what to do, see, and eat?

Hope everyone else is staying happily busy as well! Sit tight for the next recipe, coming very soon!

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  1. Hi Hannah,
    some interesting stops for Germany. Not a lot of people who come over visit Cochem or Wiesbaden. Both areas are very nice, but to find a good Restaurant could be a little tricky. There are no vegetarian Restaurants around, even less vegan ones. If you don’t cook for yourself, I can tell you some adresses where they at least know what vegan is.
    For things to do/see I recommend warmly Burg Eltz close to Cochem. http://www.burg-eltz.de/d_index.html
    Even if there are a lot of tourists, it’s very nice and authentic. They also offer english guided Tours. Cochem by itself has also a nice castle, but it’s Interior is from the 19th century. Hiking in this area is also very nice.
    Wiesbaden has a nice Museum which is called Haus der Sinne (House of Senses?) http://www.schlossfreudenberg.de/
    Ok, I better stop here;-]
    Whish you a nice trip! Iris

  2. Lovely bee photo!And good luck with the rest of the finals.
    Wish you an wonderful trip in Europe.Hope it is not as hot there as it was when I was in Finland last month…

  3. Awesome bee photo! And just wanted you to know I’ve voted for you in all three categories. Fingers crossed!! Have a great trip and not to worry about keeping in touch. We know you’ll touch base whenever possible.

  4. Good luck on your finals. I’m sure you’ll breeze right through. I love your column in VegNews, so I’m definitely voting for that. Enjoy Europe. I’ve never been, so I can’t give any suggestions. Can’t wait for photos! (and recipes)

  5. So lucky you get to travel Europe enjoy it and be safe. I hope to take my son someday and let him see some of the places I’ve got to visit and even more!

    That bee photo is absolutely amazing!

  6. What an exciting vacation! In Vienna, I really loved just walking around because it’s so gorgeous. I also loved the Klimt museum and visiting the cemetery where all the major composers are buried.

    In Amsterdam, the Anne Frank house is not to be missed and a canal boat ride is lovely.

    I’ve been to Berlin, but not to the other German cities you mentioned. Have a wonderful time! I wish I were joining you.

    Oh, and of course I’ve been voting for you!

  7. what a great picture!!! have a great time around Europe, say hi for me, I do miss it….sigh…..take lots of pics for us to live vicariously through you!!

  8. Eeek! What an excitin gpost! Congratulations on all your achievement described therein (even if you are evilly taunting my poor-studentness with the desire to get an iPad or Kindle… and yes, I realise that sentence makes no grammatical sense…)

    But mostly, EUROPE! EUROPE EUROPE!

    My advice would be amazing/crazy dark chocolates (germany has some good ones), and if you decide to stop by Florence I can tell you a place with vegan gelato, but it seems you’re going to different places than me! I can link you to a blog that covered vegan restaurants in Berlin, but it seems like you’re skipping that one… Gah, cannot WAIT to here about your trip! Travel FTW! :D

  9. Hi Hannah,
    i spent 6 days in Prague last october for the first half of my honeymoon and it is absolutely gorgeous! and definitely one of the best places i’ve ever visited. my husband and i try as best we can to avoid touristy dining places when we travel, so i spent a lot of time researching restaurants before we left. and while we were there, i took crazy notes on the food we ate, so here are the best stops –

    near wenceslas square – Bredovsky Dvur (go there for lunch. they have great, cheap specials), Provaznice Restaurant

    near prague castle – Restaurace Nad Uvozem – this place was really really nice. the entrance is tucked in an alleyway (look for the pots and pans hanging outside) and the dining room has huge windows overlooking parts of the city. the food was great, it wasn’t packed, and seemed to be a place where locals go.

    near little quarter – U Glausica

    old town square – there are a bunch of food vendors in the square and it all smelled really good. we ate our lunch of sausages there.

    Cafe Louvre. all the tour books say to go there because the dessert (more specifically, apple strudel) is amazing. it was ok. overpriced and i had better pastries elsewhere.

    Cafe Imperial. supposedly there’s a bowl of donuts on the counter and if you buy them all, you can throw them at anyone you want. needless to say, we did not see them. we stopped here one night for dessert. dessert was ok, but very expensive.

    i loved the bread dumplings while i was there and the signature dish – beef with cranberries and dumplings. sounds odd, but it was my absolute favorite!

    depending on how much time you have in prague, i recommend spending a day in the jewish quarter. the history there is pretty unbelievable, as is the cemetery and Pinkas Synagogue.

  10. hi hannah! i hope everything goes well with your last week of school and i sure hope you have a fabulous vacation! (i voted for you, too!)

  11. Good luck with your finals and the Veggie Awards! I voted for you :) I’m glad you’re getting a vacation soon. Have a great time!!

  12. When visiting Prague, you must go to Lehka Hlava (Clear Head). It’s my favourite vegan/ vegetarian restaurant in the world. The food is amazing, and the atmosphere is unbelievable. Their website says it all:

    “Come to heaven and sit by the fire, under the stars and experience the balance between old and new, technology and nature, tasty and healthy. We reside in a fairy-tale house, built in about 1410, on the shortest street in Prague…”

    It’s a bit tricky to find, but worth the effort…

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