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Totally Strawesome!


After sharing the post for my cookies and creme milkshake, there came a certain point when I wasn’t sure if there were more comments about the recipe, or about the intriguing glass straw in the photo. Though unexpected, I can’t say I’m entirely surprised by that reaction- It was the same intrigue that originally led me to the source.

Captivating works of art, each creation from Strawesome is entirely unique and handmade. They’re not only a greener alternative to plastic and disposables, but they’re truly beautiful perched in any drink. The thin little brushes included with purchase make them a breeze to clean, too, but make sure that you rinse them out fairly soon after using to make the process even easier. Green smoothies can become rather “clingy” when dry, if you know what I mean.

Arriving with a life-time guarantee against breakage, available in just about all widths, heights, and shapes imaginable (you can see the “bendy” version veering off in the top-right corner above,) they’ve completely eliminated the need for me to buy any other straws… Although I will admit, there is now the powerful temptation to acquire more lovely glass ones, though!

PS, I’ve had absolutely no personal contact with the company and have discovered and purchased all of these straws myself. I’m just a huge fan and think that everyone should know about them!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

40 thoughts on “Totally Strawesome!

  1. Wow, those are really beautiful!

  2. Those are gorgeous! I love using straws but always feel icky about throwing away plastic, thanks for posting about this cool solution!

  3. Fabulous! I love straws, but hate making more trash… these are wonderful! Thanks for sharing

  4. That is just a beautiful picture. Pretty and eco-friendly. Perfect.

  5. Ok, I need one of these! I think I would just feel extra cool drinking my smoothies if I had one! haha, thanks so much for the link!!!!

  6. How beautiful! I’ve been considering buying a glass straw myself (even though I pretty much don’t use straws!). :)

  7. These are super cute! Thank you for letting your readers know more about them.

  8. Thank you for sharing. They are beautiful! I don’t use straws, but this made me want to get some. :-)

  9. Whoa thanks for sharing these! Somehow I didn’t notice them in your last post…but now I have to have them!

  10. Wow, unbreakable? I definitely have to give these a try. Melody uses a lot of straws at home because it makes drinking fruit smoothies more fun. Though she will be supervised because the straw might be too enticing.

  11. Thank you for sharing this product with us! I’m always excited about fun new kitchen gadgets/utensils, etc. These are beautiful and would make drinking so much more fun!

  12. Wow, these straws are super cute :-)

  13. Gorgeous. I love the idea of these although admittedly I am slow to wash out my dishes so they would have to be special occasions.

    Isn’t it funny that there is so much product placement on blogs these days that we have to call out when we discovered something on our own and didn’t get it for free?

  14. Wow, these really are beautiful! I use straws all the time, and hate what a pain it is to clean and reuse the cheap, plastic ones. I’d definitely prefer these!

  15. They’re definitely an awesome find. Thanks for the link. :-)

  16. Thanks for the lovely post Hannah (love the pic!) and for all the kind comments everyone! I just want to clarify that these are not “unbreakable” – we do not state that anywhere on our website. However, we do have a life time guarantee against breakage as this is very strong glass, similar to Pyrex.

  17. Wonderful shot. Love the lighting and details on the straw. Perfect background.

  18. I saw these on tastespotting and thought hey I have seen these somewhere? then I saw your blog name, too cute


  19. They’re gorgeous!

    If I may point out your link doesnt work (missing the www part when you click on it) :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  20. All things old are new again. Hospitals in days gone by used nothing but glass and stainless, materials that can be sterlized. The straws were glass back then. I have one that had been my Grandmother’s. With having dishwashers I love seeing them back!

  21. Love these! I posted a mini feature on your straw find and your blog today on my column at Edible Crafts ( Thanks for sharing!

  22. those straws are funky cool! love it.

  23. Lovely & colourful unbreakable thicker straws these are!

    Lovely to use!

  24. Those are so beautiful! Eco friendly and gorgeous – what a fantastic combination!

  25. Oooh…I might have to get some just for myself! The kids can use the plastic ones. lol

  26. I didn’t even realize that plastic straws aren’t environmentally friendly. Those are beautiful straws.

  27. Wow – great straws. I’m going over to the website for another look-see

  28. I love those straws. I’ve been meaning to order some for quite sometime now but I also like the stainless steel ones too! Decisions.

  29. they are really cool straws! are they hard to clean?

  30. Cute straws! I hate cleaning them, so I usually chug my drinks in a very non-lady-like manner.

  31. These are so cute, Hannah! I think I saw these in another blogger’s photos but the top was cut off and I was wondering what type of futuristic tools they had. I’m a bit ashamed to admit, but I’m always on the prowl for great food props.

  32. I was just looking for glass straws. these look great! :)

  33. Those would dress up any drink. Great for photographing foods and drinks.

  34. Those straws are so cool!! Thanks for sharing the link :)

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