Totally Strawesome!

After sharing the post for my cookies and creme milkshake, there came a certain point when I wasn’t sure if there were more comments about the recipe, or about the intriguing glass straw in the photo. Though unexpected, I can’t say I’m entirely surprised by that reaction- It was the same intrigue that originally led me to the source.

Captivating works of art, each creation from Strawesome is entirely unique and handmade. They’re not only a greener alternative to plastic and disposables, but they’re truly beautiful perched in any drink. The thin little brushes included with purchase make them a breeze to clean, too, but make sure that you rinse them out fairly soon after using to make the process even easier. Green smoothies can become rather “clingy” when dry, if you know what I mean.

Arriving with a life-time guarantee against breakage, available in just about all widths, heights, and shapes imaginable (you can see the “bendy” version veering off in the top-right corner above,) they’ve completely eliminated the need for me to buy any other straws… Although I will admit, there is now the powerful temptation to acquire more lovely glass ones, though!

PS, I’ve had absolutely no personal contact with the company and have discovered and purchased all of these straws myself. I’m just a huge fan and think that everyone should know about them!