Every Bird Gets Their Day…

My little birdies are lucky enough to get two!

As much as I’ve already been enjoying the 2010 Crochet a Day Calendar, I’ve got to say, it gained about a hundred extra awesome points this morning when I revealed the latest page, and remembered that my work has been included this year. Though it’s one of my oldest patterns, those simple feathered friends of mine continue to be one of the most popular patterns on the blog, and I’m so happy that they could get another moment in the spotlight. An extra little bonus of this whole deal is that now everyone gets a lovely little printable pattern card, to print and cherish, to have and to hold… Er, well, at least to enjoy and share around, at least! Just click the pictures above for a full view.

20 thoughts on “Every Bird Gets Their Day…

  1. This is one of my favorite patterns I have made many of them to give away. And boy do they make up quick I can make about 6 in a day. My grand daughter loves the one I made her in fact it’s starting to look a little shabby. Congrat on the calrndar.

  2. Oh, these are so adorable! Perfect for yarn scraps and for gifts for friends… they look like they’d crochet up in no time!

  3. They are so sweet. I’m going to add them to my pattern library. Thanks so much. I do a lot of knitting and crocheting, and am always looking for new patterns.


  4. I have the crochet a day calendar, and I think your birds is my favorite pattern so far. What did you use for the eyes? Are they round beads that you hot glued to the bird?

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