Blondies and Brownies

For such a simple concept, blondies and brownies sure can be a controversial subject. Feuds have been ignited and culinary wars waged in search of the best recipes. Some prefer the spongier, cake-like bars, while other go for the bars that are just steps away from being pure fudge. Throw the whole vegan requirement into the mix, and you’ve got yourself one big, nasty, gooey mess. It has always astounded me that for all the hundreds of egg-less, milk-less recipes out there, less than 1% of what I’ve tried would be worth making a second time. Fed up with the drama and disappointing results, I finally took things into my own hands.

Though it took nearly six months longer than originally planned, happily, this is one ebook that has no season; Blondies and brownies are the perfect snack or dessert any time of the year, for nearly any occasion! Each recipe is designed to feed a crowd, so they’re excellent options for parties, pot lucks, and bake sales as well.

Of course, you can expect plenty of mouth-watering photos with every tempting recipe, such as…

Equal parts blondie and brownie options, twelve recipes in all, this volume includes…

Ambrosia Blondies
Browned Butter Pecan Praline Blondies
Cafe au Soja Lait Brownies
Cookies ‘n Fudge Brownies
Double Chip Peanut Butter Blondies
German Chocolate Brownies
Luscious Lemon-Swirled Brownies
Power Brownies
Salted Dulce de Coco Brownies
Spicy Date Blondies
Turkish Delight Blondies
Zested Cranberry Streusel Blondies

…Not to mention the countless variations possible with different flours, mix-ins, and flavors, with helpful hints and tips sprinkled throughout.