Summer in a Jar

Finally, a contest that wasn’t won by the very first commenter! This was definitely a tricky one, but I knew that you guys wouldn’t give up until someone nailed the correct yield of raspberries. It’s pretty crazy to think about the total amount, but let me just say that there was enough for me to make jam. While that might not sound too special, let me put it this way: I can easily eat 1/2 quart for breakfast, each and every day, plus another cup or two as snacks and nibbles. It takes a lot of raspberries to convince me that I can spare enough for jam.

And it wasn’t just any old jam that I made, oh no. This here is a lovely lemon and raspberry jam, packed full of fresh berries and astringent citrus, making for a sweet and tangy mix, all infused with real vanilla beans. One of a kind to be sure, I didn’t take notes or follow a recipe, so I hope that the recipient truly savors every last mouthful. So, how many quarts did we pick in all?

At the end of this season, I’ve estimated that we raked in a full 20 quarts of wild raspberries. And that means Inanna Mama, you’re the winner! A jar of homemade jam will be bundled up and sent off to you asap!

Thanks for playing along, and don’t worry if you didn’t win this one, as there will definitely be more quick little giveaways like this to come!

16 thoughts on “Summer in a Jar

  1. ~~~hopping up and down~~~@@@spinning round and round@@@

    Oh my goodness!

    I was just listening to The Splendid Table and they were getting me all lip smackin’ with their talk about raspberry jam.

    There’s no way I have the courage to try jamming on my own. But thanks to you, I’ll be rocking in fruity goodness soon! I’ll send pictures of DS licking it off his almond butter sandwiches as soon as it arrives.

    You’re my hero (and that was before the contest)

    With much gratitude,


  2. wow – 20 quarts! My sweetie has raspberries in his backyard — we get 2-4 cups at a time, but they are getting more busy and productive every year. I don’t know any place to find wild berries.

    Do you find leetle bugs crawl out of the raspberries if you let them sit in the sun or rinse them and let them drain?

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