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A Good Harvest, Indeed


While the season may be over for local raspberries, those bare bushes aren’t an entirely depressing sight to see. We pulled a truly impressive harvest this year, far better than ever before. Seeing this wealth of ruby red berries sitting placidly in the freezer and fridge, I’m only sad that not everyone out there has such luck. Wanting to share the wealth, I thought I might make you a deal: If you can guess how many quarts of raspberries my dad and I picked this year, I’ll send you some raspberry-imbued goodies through the mail. Keep in mind that one quart = four cups, and please make only one guess. Whoever hits the nail on the head first wins!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

40 thoughts on “A Good Harvest, Indeed

  1. My guess is 7 quarts. I love raspberries!

  2. I’m afraid that our respective post offices (and border crossings) won’t allow you to mail such foodstuffs to me in any case, but here goes anyway: twelve?

  3. I’ll wager… thirteen quarts?

  4. 6 quarts is my guess

  5. Hmm, my guess is 15 quarts!


  6. I’ll say 20 quarts (wow! 80 cups??). Rockin’ raspberries!!

  7. I’m going to say 5 quarts!

  8. I’m going to say 14! Either way, I am in awe of all those raspberries. I have never seen more than a pint at a time.

  9. 18- and those are beautiful berries!

  10. 33 Quarts! Which would be a crap ton of berries, but oh-so-good!

  11. 10.

    They’re wonderful, aren’t they? As delicious as they are in complex dishes, my favorite is still adding them to a simple white cake once the batter’s in the pan. YUM.

  12. Oh no! I hadn’t realized 10 had been guessed. I guess 19’s my number, then.

  13. 6? hee hee.

  14. Oh 6 has been said :) I say 17 now.

  15. wow, that’s a lot of berries. I guess we’re up to…23 quarts?!

  16. 32 quarts. 32 is a good number.

  17. 24? thats sooo many!

  18. Hm…..let’s see…….I’m going to go with 25 quarts! (only because I think every number before that has been guessed….)

  19. I love raspberries so much, their velvety softness on the tongue. Mmmmm :)

  20. Well since my family has picked about 3 quarts from our rather small blackberry crop and you all go out so frequently and you dad is fairly aggressive about it, I’m going to say 27 quarts.

  21. Nobody’s picked 4 yet, though I know it has to be more than that.

  22. Noting the wife and I have about, 10-12 qts of, black, rasp, straw, and blue, I’m guessing you and your father put away maybe 2-3 times as much. 26?

  23. I’m going to have to guess a midling response — maybe 12 quarts (almost 50 cups! that’d be amazing)

  24. 4 quarts to a gallon, and rembering the good ol days when I had a rasberry patch 8 gallons. 8X4=32 but since you said quarts not gallons add 2 for 34 quarts of yummy goodness.

  25. oh, I wish I could win this contest. raspberries are my most favorite food.

    i’ll say 12 1/2

    are halves okay?

    xo amey

  26. Pity that I was too late to participate :( but I probably wouldn’t have guessed it anyway ;)

  27. In the south we don’t get many raspbarries but I found some on sale! like for 25 cents!

  28. My guess is 39 quarts! Something said that number as I strolled through your blog one night!

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