Friendly Reminders

Caught up in ten thousand and one different projects at once, it’s become incredibly easy to forget to wrap up the loose ends of one venture before starting on the next. Debris strewn about the kitchen from the last photo shoot and baking experiment, the last thing that this kitchen needs is more clutter… But naturally, I’m here to add to the mess. Although I tend to be a neat-freak by nature, my quickly waning attention span has led me to forget to straighten out the chaos at hand, and before I can get my bearings, it’s time to run off to work or start on the next issue before the daylight fades out. Worst of all are the foods that get left out, inviting in bugs or even worse, the dog to go to town.

Living with my thoughtful family, they’re quick to give “friendly reminders” to prevent spoilage or further disarray, and it seems like the biggest issue as of late is closing up those bags of chips, or other bags that are left yawning wide open.

No, the bags may not close themselves, but luckily I have some helpers in the kitchen that have offered to take care of that for me. Hanging on tight for as long as necessary, not a single vermin nor canine has dared to sneak a treat for themselves since they started lending a hand.

Snacks of all sorts and bags of every size are no match; As soon as they are abandoned on the field of battle, one of these swift little guys is on it like jam on toast.  They’ve even learned to work in teams for the bigger cargo.

Sometimes though, it does get to be overkill…

Especially when they’re trying to close bags that haven’t even been opened yet!