Not “Soy” Delicious; Even Better

As concerns about eating processed soy are surfacing more often these days, Turtle Mountain‘s innovative thinking seems to come at the perfect time. I’m not only talking about their delicious ice cream line, but also their latest and perhaps more healthful development: Coconut yogurt! Carving out their own niche in the non-dairy arena, it’s exciting just to know that there are more options out there, especially for those who are soy-adverse. Available in six different flavors, there are enough options to satisfy anyone’s tastes, and even give those big name dairy yogurts a run for their money.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of these cultured treats- It was such an advanced preview that they were still tinkering with the formula! For that reason, I won’t comment on the texture, which I’ve been assured was perfected since my sample batch (even though I found it to be spot-on regardless.)

Popping the top of my go-to flavor, vanilla, I was immediately impressed. Pale, smooth and creamy, the delicate floral notes of the vanilla managed to assert themselves, much like their vanilla ice cream. Almost no tangy “bite” to be found and sweetened generously, I could hardly even think of it as yogurt- Just call it pudding, and the kids would be all over it! Most surprisingly though, I would have never guessed that coconut had anything to do with it, it was so well disguised by even the delicate flavor of vanilla. Clean-tasting and refreshing, this really hit the spot as a midsummer snack.

Moving on to my second favorite yogurt flavor, the deep purple color concealed within the cup of blueberry yogurt was an encouraging sight to see. Lumps of smashed berries dotted the otherwise unblemished surface and added some good texture, along with a fresh burst of intense flavor. Quite sweet and yet again lacking that characteristic tanginess, I couldn’t imagine that anyone could take issue with this flavor. If you like blueberries, you will like this yogurt!

It wasn’t long before the siren song of the raspberry yogurt beckoned me back to the fridge, spoon in hand. Tinted a dusty pink, its demure appearance belied an immense flavor. A dead-on duplicate of pure raspberry essence with a few seeds scattered about for realism, I’m not ashamed to say that I licked the cup clean. Tempering the tart berries with a perfect dose of evaporated cane juice, I wouldn’t change a thing about it… Except pack it in gallon-sized containers, perhaps! I could certainly demolish that amount with little effort, given the chance.

Expecting great things now from the strawberry banana combo, I was a bit taken aback by the lack-luster beige color, and slightly off smell. Although I was hesitant to take a bite of this dubious concoction, luckily I was pleasantly surprised when I did. It does taste far better than it smells, although not to the same standards as those previous flavors. A generic “fruity” flavor that kids would probably appreciate, it wasn’t exactly evocative of either strawberry or banana, but was still good enough that I had no trouble finishing my container.

Excited about the most adventurous and original flavor in this new line, the passionate mango provides a more exotic taste of passion fruit and fresh mango together to create a whole new sensation. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly a sensation I enjoyed. Super tart and strangely lacking in sweetness, I found it difficult to eat more than a few bites. The mango seems to be a bit more assertive and covers up the nuances of passion fruit, so it might appeal to mango-lovers out there… It just didn’t hit the spot for me.

As for the final flavor, plain, I don’t have too much to say as there isn’t much flavor to speak of. If you’re looking for something to bake with, or use in savory sauces or dips, this will be absolutely perfect. Of course it’s not too exciting to eat on it’s own, but it’s an excellent canvas for you to dress up to your heart’s desire.

Although slightly higher in fat than their original soy-based offerings, this new line of coconut yogurts seems like an overall healthy option for those looking beyond the standard dairy alternatives. They’ve only just begun appearing on grocery store shelves, so be on the look out- Most of these cultured cups are worth hunting down!

[Written for Go Dairy Free]

36 thoughts on “Not “Soy” Delicious; Even Better

  1. Oh boy, oh boy! More coconut!

    Although I am not allergic to soy or as worried as the rest of the population seems to be about soy [Can’t help but wonder if the hysteria was “planted” by the dairy industry], I just never really loved the taste of soy yogurt. And since I adore coconut, I cannot wait to get my hands on every flavor.

  2. As always, I am blown away by your writerly abilities. The descriptions in this article are so evocative, it’s like I am tasting every note of flavor right through my computer screen!

  3. You are making me want to try every flavor! Can’t wait till I live near stores where I can get these.

  4. I’ve recently tried the blueberry flavor, it was delicious! I was so excited and surprised by the color. I was hesitant at first because I don’t exactly love coconut. I was pleasantly surprised!

  5. Oh, you know I’m liking this news! And well, hey, coconut is one of the good fats! :) YAY! Thanks for the review, Hannah. I sometimes use plain dairy yogurt in smoothies and to replace sour cream in things, do you think the plain coconut one would work as a replacement?

  6. Oh, my goodness! YES!!! I can’t wait for this. Thanks for your review, Hannah. I will be sure to keep an eye out for these yogurts when they hit store shelves! My favorite dairy yogurt was “plain” (I know, I’m boring), and I haven’t found a suitable vegan replacement to enjoy on its own. Can’t wait to try this one!

  7. I can’t wait until they have this in my neck of the woods! Thanks for the detailed reviews of the different flavours :)

  8. Be sure to also try Coconut Bliss, a brand of non-dairy ice cream made in Oregon. It’s my new favorite thing!

  9. Hmm, looks delicious to me..

    I will definitely go try it sometime…

    The last time I came across this dessert in Singapore, I went all the way there to sample 7 of their top recommendation at one go!

    (was attracted by the pictures here)

    Verdict :
    Best : Red Tea Jelly
    Unique : Strawberry Ice Kachang
    Exotic : Chendol (Oh my, it was made of coconut milk! but mmm… delicious)

  10. OH MY GOD, *grab bucket and start mopping up my drool* Hannah, I <3333333 your review!!!

    OK, SO DELICIOUS “so and so” if you’re reading THIS! PLEASE send/SELL me a box of this ASAP, I’m feel so deprived … *sob* PLEASE sell your OUT OF THE WORLD products in Perth (Australia) PLEASEEEEEE ……..

  11. Darling!! so sorry for my absence’s a very hectic period for my job! but I always read you..fantastic this coconout yogurth..should be delicious!
    a big kiss dear!

  12. Thanks for the review, it was very descriptive! I have to say that I’m disappointed to hear that it’s not tangy, I really miss tangy yogurt… I guess I’ll have to take a go at making my own!

  13. Oh boy Hannah,
    I’m envious that you got to sample all of these. I have been looking impatiently for these to show up somewhere near me… no luck yet. I’m always interested in diversifying my diet, and right now, my only yogurt option is soy. I can’t wait to try these!
    Thanks for the review. Your product reviews are always so thorough!

    :) Amey

  14. Ever since the coconut-based ice cream, I’ve been looking at every place I go to, for it… When I went to my natural foods store I was like I can’t believe I haven’t been here in like a month! I bet they have it! but sadly they did not… They did just get fresh baked vegan rolls, cupcakes and cinnamon rolls from a place about 45 minutes away though and they had mimiccreme so it wasn’t a total loss… But now I really really want that yogurt! I also got new thickening agents to try because I’ve been craving pudding lately and not having any success… Aaaah I want this!

  15. I’m thrilled that I might have a vegan option at yogurt again, now that I don’t eat soy–though I’m sad that it lacks tang; it’s that tangy bite that made me love yogurt at an omni and yearn for it as a vegan!

  16. I haven’t seen this line anywhere, but thanks for bringing it to my attention. Definitely intriguing, and I’m always on the lookout for new dairy-free products. THANKS!

  17. your review just may make me give this product another try!

    i had had the non-coconut one and was really turned off by how thick and sweet it was. i like my soy-yogurt a little more liquidy and i love that yogurt bite. my favorite is WholeSoy & Co… yum. :) But So Delicious has a cinnamon bun flavor!

  18. YAY!!! I can’t wait to find this around here. We are not completely vegan, but I do try to keep us as egg and dairy free as possible (been veggie for years and years). However, one of my daughters has a lot of weight gain issues, and the fatty coconut milk yogurt would be perfect for her. Then I can stop buying whole milk yogurt. That would be such a blessing!

  19. We just bought the yogurt and ice “cream!” My girls have autism and follow a gluten free casein free diet. I am desperate for easy, healthy school lunch box foods. This yogurt is a perfect solution. They wolfed it down! I’m hooked. Now can I get my local grocery story (Porricelli’s in CT) to bring it in by the case for me? I hope so!

    Kim Stagliano
    Mom to 3 with autism and Managing Editor

  20. My son is on GF/CF and absolutely loves this yogurt. What a lifesaver! I just wished it wouldn’t be so darn expensive! Its $1.79 for a small container.

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